Pink or Lavender? Or is it Radiant Orchid?

June 26, 2014·

Jeans: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) | White Eyelet Blouse: Gap (on sale!!) | Necklace: GroopDealz | Shoes: TOMS | Denim Jacket: Belk / Crown & Ivy c/o

lavender / pink jeans, white eyelet blouse lavender / pink jeans, white eyelet blouse lavender / pink jeans, white eyelet blouse lavender / pink jeans, white eyelet blouse

Sometimes I think I might be a little bit color blind. Either that, or I was just taught something very different than other people about colors.

Like, for example, I think that these jeans are lavender. I have been on the hunt for lavender jeans for I don’t even know how long… and I found these on Re-Lilly – they were new with tags – and scored them at an awesome deal. They came in the mail and BOOM fit like a glove. I was pumped.

But, when I put them on, my husband said they were pink. I think they’re lavender. Or even radiant orchid. Because radiant orchid jeans are sooooo 2014.

But, like, I’ve had this same conversation with people over certain shade of blue. I swear that the color is blue, but someone argues it’s purple. For example, the color periwinkle. To me, it looks blue. Others say it’s purple. I realize it’s a color in the blue / purple family… but to me it looks blue. Nothing purple about it. Yet, I will get into a “heated” debate with someone over whether it’s blue or purple.

I realize that this entire thought or notion of whether something is pink, lavender, radiant orchid, blue, purple, or periwinkle REALLY does not matter in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes it really does irk me when my counterparts and I can’t come to an agreement on what color something is.

Am I the ONLY one that struggles with this?!

Again, I realize this entire thing is very silly, but oh well. It’s my random thought for today.

So tell me… are my jeans pink or lavender? Do you have color struggles like I do?! Haha!