June Stitch Fix Review (What I Got & What I’m Keeping)

June 25, 2014·

*This is not a sponsored post. This post does contain a referral link, so if you sign up to try out Stitch Fix, I will receive a credit towards my next fix, but that’s it. 🙂

I’m back for another monthly Stitch Fix review!

Since I was going to be in Las Vegas for work last week, I scheduled my June fix a little later in the month than usual. And man, I couldn’t WAIT for it to arrive! I had been counting down the days. Haha – not literally… just figuratively. Sort of. It really is like Christmas morning when I know that my Stitch Fix is going to arrive!

I had a new stylist this time. Cynthie has been my stylist previously – I don’t know what happened to her… but this time I had Aimee Rae. I gave a TON of feedback after my last fix (I didn’t really love my last fix all that much) and I do feel like she took my feedback into account. I also asked for some fun pieces that I would normally never pick out for myself. I wanted something out of my comfort zone! And I definitely think she delivered on that.

Anyway, I’ll be sharing what I got in my June fix, what I thought of it, size, fit, price, etc… and whether or not I kept it! I tried to take pictures outside this time for a change in scenery… but it was SO hot so it ended up probably being a terrible idea. But oh well, I tried. I wanted to stay true to the fact that I try on EVERYTHING and give you my first impressions as I tried items on. And yes, I took pictures of everything… EVEN if it didn’t fit. You’re welcome? I think. You can decide for yourself. Check it out.

Renee C "Jennifer Daisy Print Kimono" - June Stitch Fix Review

Renee C “Jennifer Daisy Print Kimono” – Size L – $48

When I first pulled this out of the box I was a little perplexed by it. I’ve never tried the whole “kimono” trend and I wasn’t sure I was sold on the daisy print. But, it is DEFINITELY a piece I would not have normally picked out for myself, so I got what I asked for and I was willing to try it!

I ended up REALLY liking it. It has grown on me the more I’ve worn it and I’m excited to play around with different ways of styling it. It’s really loose and comfortable fitting. The fabric is lightweight and so it’ll work in the summer and winter months and I think it will also be a good transition piece in the fall.

I thought the price tag of $48 was fair… maybe a little on the steep side, but I liked it so I decided to keep it!

Bay to Baubles "Denver Layered Bar Lariat" - June Stitch Fix Review

Bay to Baubles “Denver Layered Bar Lariat” – $28

There’s not much to say about this necklace. It’s pretty simple and you know exactly what you’re getting. I thought the price was fair for the necklace and while I liked it, it wasn’t really that “special” enough for me to keep and I already have another necklace pretty similar to it. So, I did not end up keeping it.

Kensie Jeans "Red Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean" - June Stitch Fix Review

Kensie Jeans “Red Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean” – Size 14 – $88

I was excited to see another pair of Kensie jeans in my fix! The first pair of Kensie jeans I ever tried on I got in my second fix and they are, by far, my most comfortable and my most worn jeans. They are TOTALLY worth the $88 price tag. Seriously. They’ve held up really well to multiple washings, wearings, and runnings around.

So, when I pulled the bright red pair out of the box I was PUMPED. I’ve been wanting a pair of red jeans FOREVER! I have tried on a ton of different pairs at Target, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, you name it – but I have yet to find an awesome pair of red jeans.

Until now.

These, ladies and gents, are a winner! I LOVE them! They’re really comfortable. They are the perfect amount of stretchy. The material is really soft – like REALLY soft. And they fit just like my other pair of Kensie jeans. So, these were a no brainer “YES” for keeping!

Renee C "Ventura Abstract Chevron Keyhole Detail Tank"

Renee C “Ventura Abstract Chevron Keyhole Detail Tank” – Size L – $38

I LOVED this shirt out of the box. Perfect print. Perfect fabric – lightweight and flowy. And then I put it on. UGH! The fit is awful. It was just small and hugged me awkwardly and… ugggggh I was so sad. It’s way too short, I didn’t like the side cuts, and it was just all wrong. I was really, really disappointed in it.

I don’t even know that sizing up would have saved this blouse. I did think that the price tag for it was right on and had it fit, I would have kept it for sure. But, needless to say, it did not fit, and I did not keep it.

Pink Martini "Sally Mixed Striped Dress" - June Stitch Fix Review

Pink Martini “Sally Mixed Striped Dress” – Size XL – $64

Another item in my fix that I loved out of the box. I loved the orange striped print and I thought that it was really cute. Once I held it up and unfolded it, I was starting to become unsure. The fabric is REALLY thick. Like, this dress is crazy thick. It’s not lightweight at all and would be really hot material to wear in the summer (even though the dress is short and sleeveless).

I also knew right away that I was not crazy about the neckline. I don’t love cap sleeves and square necklines usually look funky on me. I DID love that it has pockets because dresses with pockets are instantly my favorite.

And then I tried it on. HOLY MOLY THIS DRESS IS SHORT. It fit me fine up top and zipped alright, but my gracious it is WAY too short. Like, if I bent over, everyone is going to see all the things and I am not okay with that. Plus, because the way the dress hugged my hips and because of the thickness of the fabric, it rode up as I walked… which is also not good at all.

I thought the price tag for it was fair considering… but I did NOT keep this dress.

June Stitch Fix Review

So, overall thoughts are…

I liked this fix. I didn’t love it like I loved my second fix, but I definitely liked this fix more than my last fix. Fit was the biggest issue in this fix more than anything. Had the dress and tank been the right fit, I probably would have kept them.

I am really excited about my red Kensie skinny jeans and my daisy print kimono. They’re even perfect paired together! I think they’re going to be really worthwhile investments in my closet and I’m going to be able to wear them lots of different ways.

I’ve already got my July fix scheduled! I can’t wait!

Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? What pieces have you gotten that you’ve really liked? Share a link to your Stitch Fix review, if you have one, in the comments!