Well Anchored

June 24, 2014·

Anchor Tee: Old Navy (similar) | Skater Skirt: Old Navy (similar) | Denim Vest: Old Navy | Shoes: Saks off Fifth (similar) | Necklace: Stitch Fix (similar) | Clutch: Stitch Fix (similar) | Earrings and Bracelet: C. Wonder c/o

Photos by Em Grey Photography

Anchors, denim, and a blue skater skirt Anchors, denim, and a blue skater skirt Anchors, denim, and a blue skater skirt Anchors, denim, and a blue skater skirt

I realized as I was including links to the items in this post, that I’m basically a walking commercial for Old Navy here. haha! Not gonna lie, LOVE me some Old Navy because I can almost always snag something cute and versatile on sale.

Also, here I am… AGAIN… wearing my denim vest. Don’t judge me. I wear this thing all the time. I cannot emphasize enough how much I love how it pulls an outfit together. Sure, the outfit would be fine without it, but it brings a good balance and structure to it. It “anchors” the outfit. I know you see what I did there.

However, I have a guy friend who keeps making fun of my wearing of the denim vest. I tell him he just doesn’t understand women’s fashion. He disagrees. Whatever, man. Men just don’t get women’s trends. Am I right? Also, I will say… It is in my opinion that the denim vest (or denim jacket) is a classic, timeless, neutral piece. Do you agree? 

Also, this skirt is one of my favorite latest additions to my closet. It’s SO comfortable and flowy and really is a great piece for dressing up and dressing down. See how I have worn it before here.

What about you? Do you have anything that you love that the men in your life like to poke fun at? Any trends you’re loving lately?