Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (14)


  1. Adorable photos of your baby girl! I also use Aveeno Baby lotion. My boys both get dry patches on their shoulders and back. The Aveeno clears it right up. #client

  2. This is a great list! A lot of them are on my list as well. I’m super guilty of not being in pics WITH Weston. I’ve been trying to get better, but unless Jake takes the picture, it’s iffy on how it’ll turn out with our DSLR! HAHA

  3. My husband is obsessed with this World Cup, so I’ve definitely watched some games;) You daughter is so adorable. I’m not a mom, but I can definitely see how quickly kids grow up from being around my nieces and nephews. Too fast!

  4. Molly I’m so with you on the World Cup… even though I’m English I’ve been supporting the Netherlands for the last couple of years (no Dutch connection – it’s just that until England are no longer embarrassing I’ll support another team), so I’m happy with how “my” team’s doing! I watched the USA game last night – even though it was so late last night here we *had* to stay up and see it till the end… We were GUTTED that Portugal scored in the final seconds!! Fingers crossed for you that you get through the group stages 🙂

    Thanks for hosting sweetie – have a lovely week!

    Catherine x

  5. I have never seen Dave Matthews and would love to watch his concert! Did you hear about him taking a bike ride before his concert and got a flat and had to hitch hike his way to his own concert? LOL

    I could not agree with you more on taking pictures of you and Lilly together! Because we’re the ones holding the smartphones so we just click and snap the entire day without us in the photo. I made it a point especially when my son was a newborn to have photos with him because the first 2 years go by so fast and soooo many things happen in between.

    Thank you for hosting, love this post!

  6. Love your goals! Somehow it seems like if we list them publicly they are more likely to happen. 🙂 I know that’s the case for me anyway! Hope you had a great weekend and thanks for hosting!

    xo, Amy Ann

    The Real Arnolds

  7. Two thumbs up to Confederacy of Dunces! I read it a few years ago and couldn’t put it down. It was supposed to have been made into a movie, but they say the script is cursed. There have been numerous actors cast as Ignatius, most of which died young. (John Belush, John Candy, Chris Farley) It’s crazy! I hope they make it into a movie someday.

  8. I love the World Cup as well. But then again, I kinda grew up in Brazil so it’s expected. Seeing your update on summer goals reminds me that I should make my own. That’s the only way I’m going to get things done! Thanks for hosting and have a great week.

  9. Some great summer goals here, I was thinking that me and my OH should draw up a list together the other day, definitely going to do that now! Some fun suggestions. Thanks for hosting x

  10. These are great goals Molly! My daughter and I are doing “One Fun Thing A Day”. We try to do something fun each day in the summer and then I journal it. She is a teenager now, so I am savoring every second that I have her at home(: Susan

  11. Over in the UK the world cup is normally huge, however with Englands pants performance its been a real let down this year.

    Loving your summers goals, good luck in achieving them all.

    X x

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