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June 23, 2014·

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How many of you are watching the biggest soccer games of the year right now? Raise your hands. Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (2)

That’s my husband watching Sunday’s game of USA and Portugal. What a nailbiter – and uggggggh I can’t stand when it ends in a tie. You should have SEEN us celebrate after that second goal we scored. If I’m being totally honest with you, I really am not that big of a soccer fan. I broke my big toe TWICE playing soccer in middle school P.E. class and ever since then soccer has been one of those sports that I turn my nose up to.

EXCEPT the big game . I love it. I watch almost every game and check all the scores. Why? Because, like the Olympics, I love the idea of countries competing against each other. And if I’m also being honest, I don’t like to see America lose. ‘MERICA!! Haha! Just kidding. Not really.

For example, I was out of town for work last week at a trade show and about 20-30% of the attendees were from outside the US and it was SO cool seeing many of the attendees from countries banding together watching the games on TV. I just get all warm and fuzzy… anyone else? 

Anyhow. What’s my point? Well, when I’m watching the games, I cheer and scream and celebrate every single goal. Even if the other team scores, I get excited. Counter intuitive, I know. But, that’s the reality of it.

Well, I love when companies do fun, smart marketing campaigns around big events like the big game, and right now, Johnson & Johnson’s latest is “Celebrate Every Goal” at select end caps at Walgreens.

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (1)

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (12)If you’re a Balance Rewards Member (it’s free – it’s just the Walgreens frequent shopper card deal), until June 26th, you get 3,000 extra bonus points just for purchasing $15 of select products from the Johnson & Johnson “Celebrate Every Goal” end cap. That includes brands like Aveeno, Band Aid, Neutrogena, Neosporin, Tylenol, etc. So, get something you needed anyway AND get bonus points. WINNING.

ANYWAY, I’m rambling.

This all got me thinking – a few weeks ago, I shared some of my “summer goals” or things that I want to do this summer – and I figured I’d give y’all an update on some of those goals AND add a few more to the list. Because, like when I’m watching the soccer game, I’m trying to do a better job of celebrating every little goal this summer!

1. See Dave Matthews Band in concert. I’m a bit fearful that this goal may not happen AGAIN this summer. It looks like I may be gone out of town when Dave comes to my town. I have mixed feelings about this because it’s likely going to be a good trip, BUT, I really want to see Dave!

2. Go to the beach! I sorta accomplished this one last weekend!! I went to a wedding at the beach and got to step my feet in the sand for a few and it was glorious. We also have a big family beach trip scheduled for the end of August so I am excited to say that this is happening!

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (8)

3. Read a book. For fun. There are so many books I want to read, but I figured I’d hit up the bookshelf in my own house with a book or two I’ve been wanting to read for years. So many people have said The Confederacy of Dunces is so good and that I’d love it. I bought it a few years ago with the intention of reading it and never did. Well, I’ve busted it out and I’m cracking it open as we speak!

4. Invest in a skin care regimen. I’m working my way on this one! I’m trying out a few different face things, but as I have noticed recently, I’ve really done a poor job of taking care of the REST of my skin. As in, the skin that’s not just on my face. My legs, arms, hands, and feet have been absurdly dry and I have got to do a better job of moisturizing and taking care of the rest of my skin.

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (3)

A BUNCH of people have recommended the classic Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion and said it’s amazing and really gets the job done. It happened to be on the endcap at Walgreens so I picked it up and I’m going to give it a try. Let me know in the comments if you’ve used this stuff and what you think of it! 

4 (b): Take care of Lilly’s skin! I have been noticing some dry patches on Lilly’s skin and she’s so soft already I don’t want her to get dry or cracked skin at such a young age. A few people also recommended the Aveeno Baby calming comfort lotion so I’m giving this a try on her now. I gave her a little baby massage with it before bed and she seemed to really like it. It also calmed her down a lot (she’s usually super hyper and crazy before bed). So, so far so good!

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (4)

5. Take Lilly to the zoo. I still want to make this happen for real, BUT, I also sorta kinda accomplished this one because the wedding we went to last weekend was at the aquarium in Atlantic Beach. Lilly LOVED the aquarium!!

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (9)

She would NOT stop staring at the otters, the fish, the sharks, and she particularly loved the sea turtles. My favorites were DEFINITELY the otters. THEY’RE SO CUTE!! But, I still thinking Lilly intently watching them swim was even cuter.

6. Take Lilly blueberry picking. Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (10)


Lilly is straight up OBSESSED with blueberries. There is a farm about two miles from our house that allows you to pick your own blueberries… so I am TOTALLY going to take her! I’ve always wanted to do this anyway, and I think it’s going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see what she does. Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (11)

7. Get IN FRONT of the camera more. Okay, I realize that this doesn’t make sense seeing as how I have a style blog and I take pictures of myself in outfits all the time. That’s not what I mean here. I have realized that I really have not very many pictures of me AND Lilly. I’m always the one behind the camera taking pictures of Lilly and my family and John and everyone around me. I just don’t have that many pictures of the two of us together.

I need to change that. I don’t want all this time to pass (and it is passing very quickly) and me realize that I’m pictureless.

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (6)

8. Go on more date nights with my husband. While John and I do a good job of communicating and spending time together after Lilly has gone to bed, we have NOT done a good job of actually getting a babysitter and going OUT. Alone. Together. We’ve got to work on that and make it more of a priority.

Lilly’s grandparents were in town last week and so we took full advantage of the free babysitting and went out to dinner, got ice cream, and just walked around downtown Chapel Hill on a Friday night. It was glorious! Reminded me how much I love just putzing around without a place to be or schedule to adhere to.

Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (7)

10. Celebrate the little milestones and memories with this girl. I know EVERY parent says this, but it’s true – time is fleeting and it’s going way too fast. After having been away for just five days, I came back and she knows how to CLAP and she’s standing more and she’s bigger and she’s just changed so much – IN FIVE DAYS. AHH!

I just want to do a better job of soaking in the little moments like her crawling around being hilarious, discovering how to open a drawer, and how she laughs every time I sneeze. You know what I mean? Celebrate Every Goal This Summer #shop #celebrateeverygoal #cbias (5)

What about you? What little things or big things or little goals or big goals are you celebrating this summer?

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