Lace shorts, Lilly Pulitzer Lulu print tote, Esterlane boutique mint cardigan


  1. There really has been a set thought pattern when it comes to “mom fashion”, but I think moms are taking the industry by storm! 🙂 I love your go-to. Right now mine is a maxi dress (for the growing body), and a belt. Super easy.

  2. You look SO fab Molly! I think it is important for mom’s to set good clothing examples for their girls! I mean if your mom dress’ like a slob and she doesn’t care then that’s how the daughter will think. Lilly is lucky your her mom, cause you are Fabulous Darling!
    xo, Lee

  3. My momiform, lately, has been a maxi dress with flat sandals. I am collecting cotton maxis and have four pairs of sandals (turquoise, black, gold, and nude) that I rotate. I also wear a lot of flowy blouses and boyfriend jeans with those same sandals!

  4. Totally not a mom, but I think it’s only natural we all fall into our own sort of ‘uniform’ – it becomes the easy, go-to outfit we know we can throw on without a second thought on those mornings when nothing is working right! I love the color of that cardigan!

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