Right Now

July 11, 2014·

Right Now I’m…

wearing: yoga pants and my new Lilly Pulitzer popover that I snagged at the Summer Madness sale this week
listening: to Hillsong’s new album No Other NameIt’s been on repeat ever since it came out last week!
reading: The Bible. I’ve also got like 10 books that I want to read this summer and really need to get on that!
watching19 Kids and Counting on the DVR. My gracious I love this show. Don’t judge me.
doing: decorating our master bedroom. My husband built us an AWESOME headboard over the weekend and I’m finally starting to feel like our room is coming together!
loving: how fun and adorable Lilly has been lately. I mean, she’s ALWAYS cute, but she clearly understands us now and is being so responsive and doing things when we ask her to do them. She gives kisses, high fives, she claps, raises her hands in the air when we ask how big she is, and she’s even working on blowing kisses! It’s the best.
hating: this incessant cough that’s been lingering for like three weeks now. I can’t figure out if it’s the weather, or I’m sick, or what. The werrrrst.
wishing: our beach week was here! We are going to the beach at the end of August and I just can’t wait.
wanting: the laundry to do itself. Sometimes I feel like the laundry is never ending. Because, well… it is never ending.

What about you? What are YOU doing right now?

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