BEAUTY (My favorite makeup tip!) | How to Fill In Your Eyebrows (and why you should!) (6)


  1. Tried filling in my eyebrows this morning. It was an #EpicFail, I can’t even describe how they came out. Quickly removed and just went to work with my normal brows. I’m going to try again tomorrow using less filler.

  2. I just recently started filling in my brows! I am a natural redhead, but my brows are a little darker than my hair. I use a powder and brush and love how it makes my makeup look more complete. I cannot believe I waited so long to try it! Your brows look great!

  3. I never ever used to fill in my brows but now I can’t go a day without it. It does make a big difference! Like Missy below me I recently splurged on Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade and it is AMAZING!! A little goes a long way, so it was worth the $$
    xo Lindsay

  4. I’ve recently gotten into filling in my eyebrows and it makes a HUGE difference! I’ve recently splurged on an eyebrow kit from Anastasia (sp?) and am digging that. Although I do use a shadow from my Almay palette for brown eyes to help make it look more natural.

    Thanks for always hosting this linkup, I appreciate it!

    Missy G

  5. I like the eye shadow method myself. I have noticed huge differences when looking at pics with and without eyebrow shading. Thanks for posting

  6. Awesome tutorial it really makes such a huge difference.Thanks for hosting! Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  7. I will not leave home without doing my brows … ha ha! It really does make a huge difference. I use a pencil and brush (need to check out those Milani products!). Thank you so much for sharing my Balsamic Cherry Sauce:)

  8. The Bobbi brown eyeshadow color is the right color for you. The pencil from Milani should be a little bit darker. That is my tought.
    I use the pencils of Anastasia.

    Joly Look

    1. I totally agree, Catherine! I think that’s why I prefer the Bobbi Brown method better than the Milani. I like the pencil, but it’s just not as close to my color as the Bobbi Brown.

      I’ve heard amazing things about the Anastasia line… I really need to try them!

  9. I’ve been MIA on this hop, sorry to say, and only because I have been busy and not posting as much, but just wanted to say the new look is great. Thanks so much for hosting!

  10. Even though my blonde hair is much darker than it was as a child, my brows are still pretty much invisible, so I have been filling them in for years! I go back and forth between a pencil & powder. But, I have been intrigued by all of the newer brow products that are all the rage on blogs & YouTube, so I am tempted to splash out on some of them! That Milani pencil looks really nice (& inexpensive), so I may give that a try! Thanks Molly!

  11. I only recently discovered filling in my brows Molly! Like less than a year ago (I know…I’m 27…kinda scary lol) and YES I was like “What the Heck was I THINKING all these years” I prefer a brush and powder as well 🙂 I guess you’re never too old to learn new tricks 😉

    1. ME TOO! How did I miss this for so long?? I use Mary Kay brow pencil & brow gel. I was so afraid people would notice that my brows were suddenly darker (as my brows are lighter than my natural hair color), but instead I got tons of compliments the first few weeks on how open my face was, and how groomed my brows were!

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  14. Filling in my brows is the one thing I must do each day because it makes such a huge difference! I love Revlon’s brow fantasy that is a pencil and gel together. Great tips!

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  15. Ohhh you’ve hit the spot with me on eyebrows, Molly… eyebrows are my “thing”! They literally take me about 5-10 minutes to do: they have to be absolutely perfect. And I use both pencil and shadow. So it’s safe to say I agree with you on all eyebrow points…!!

    Have a great week and thank you as always for hosting!

    Catherine x

  16. Great post! I really like how the Milani brow pencil looked on you! Thanks for sharing!


  17. Thanks for this great post Molly! I actually posted on the Too Faced Eyebrow Kit today and linked up so you can read it. I love this kit! I am 42 and had never filled my eyebrows in until I purchased this kit! I had no clue how important it was! I am going to try this Milani brow pencil because I really like the look on you! Thanks for the tips! Susan

  18. Great post! I am an eyebrow convert – mine are even sparser than yours, they truly look invisible unless I add some brow pencil, which I now do everyday. It’s become ‘me’! Thanks for hosting the linkup x

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