Jamberry Nails: Are they worth the hype? (Plus a giveaway!)

July 29, 2014·

I feel like everywhere I turn lately, I keep seeing stuff about Jamberry Nails. Blogs, YouTube, my Facebook feed, my Instagram (search #jamicure and there’s like thousands of examples), my Twitter feed… you name it. Jamberry is everywhere.

I’m usually not one to rush to jump on a brand wagon or a craze right away. I’m always hesitant to do something just because “everyone else is talking about it,” mainly because I know that inevitably it’s going to fizzle out sooner or later. BUT, since I’m a bit of a nail junkie and I love painting my nails, I have been really curious about trying Jamberry.

Well, one of my sorority sisters from college, Kimberly, happens to be a Jamberry consultant. She also happens to be in the military. And a wife. And a mom. I seriously don’t know how she does it all. For real! She’s crazy awesome.

Anyway, we were emailing back and forth about Jamberry and I decided to give them a try! So, I bought my first sheet of wraps from her and they were on my doorstep in a week or so! I ended up getting the Faded Deco wrap because I loved the colors. The wrap set is $15 plus shipping and you get MORE than enough wraps for more than one application. I probably have at least one more, maybe even two more applications (plus an application for my TOES) in the set.

Here’s my first #Jamicure:

Jamberry Nails Review (1)

Kimberly was SO helpful… she even emailed me once I got my wraps in the mail and sent me some links to her YouTube videos showing how to apply them, some tricks for prepping my nails, etc. Now, I will be honest… I had a hard time with my first application. It took me a little longer than I anticipated and I fumbled a little bit. I know didn’t get the best wrap possible… but, I know that it does take some practice. I know that with some practice and now that I know exactly how it works, that I will get a better application next time.

Well, I put my wraps on almost two weeks ago and they lasted just about two weeks! They looked great the whole time and I got SO many compliments on my nails. I took them off over the weekend and it was a REALLY easy process to remove them.

Now, I do love painting my nails, so I won’t stop painting my nails altogether, BUT, the Jamberry wraps are so much fun and I can’t wait to order my next sheet! Plus, Jamberry also sells lacquers so if I wanted to get some polish I could do that, too! Love it.

Overall, I will say that YES, Jamberry nails are totally worth the hype. The quality is amazing, they are non-toxic, they LAST, and they are really affordable for what you get. They also have SO MANY adorable patterns, prints, designs, and colors. They are a little more labor intensive than just painting your nails, but if you’re not great at painting your nails, then Jamberry is the way to go. Plus, the payoff is going to last you much longer than a regular nail paint job.

Unrelated to wraps, but I thought I’d just share a little #throwback to our college days. Kimberly (who will probably kill me for posting these pictures, haha!) was a freshman when I was a senior, but we still hung out a lot. In the picture on the left, we were pumping each other up (and using each other to balance when stretching) before our Greek Week powder puff game. Which we won. Dominated. We dominated. Also, how tough do I look with the eye black on? Plus, the puffy paint around my letters is too hot. So tough looking, I know. On the right was at Big / Little sister revealing. Her big sister is a girl I went to high school with and we were in the same “family” in our sorority. So frattastic I can’t even deal. I can’t believe this was like, over eight years ago. GAH.

Jamberry Nails Review (2)

Anyway, here is Kimberly and her adorable family… her husband (who is also in the military) and their adorable son, Owen. Kimberly is SO fabulous as to offer a giveaway today! She’s giving away a CHOICE sheet of wraps to one of y’all! I thought I’d let her introduce herself and set up the giveaway… So, without further ado, here’s Kimberly: Jamberry Nails Review (3)

Hi ladies!  I am so excited about this giveaway!  Jamberry Nails are an innovative vinyl wrap that adheres to your nail (natural, acrylics, OR gels) through heat and pressure. They will last up to two weeks on your fingers and six weeks on your toes! No chipping, smudging or dry time! With over 300 designs, including ones for little girls, PLUS our new lacquer line, there is truly something for everyone. We always run a Buy 3 Get 1 Free deal on our wraps so you can get eight manicures and eight pedicures for UNDER $50!!  Salon prices can’t even compete!

I decided to become a consultant because Jamberry gave me something I had been missing for a little while in my life.  As silly as this sounds, they made me feel feminine and beautiful again.  I’m in the military and when you wear the same thing everyday, have your hair pulled back tight, wear subdued make up, little jewelry, and conservative nails, it is hard to feel beautiful or even feminine.  I found myself not bothering with my nails because as soon as they chipped I would have to remove them!  With Jamberry, my nails last and I smile whenever I look at them!  It is such a small thing but made such a big impact on my mood and self esteem.  I knew I had to represent this product and hoped to bring a little bit of happiness and smiles to those that get to wear Jamberry!

Take a look around my website at our fun designs and you are sure to find something you love!  What is so wonderful about this company is that I get to host ONLINE Facebook parties!  No matter where you live, you can host a party and get free product!  I do all the postings and you kick back and have fun with your girlfriends.  It is a really fun time.  If you are interested in hosting an online party shoot me an email at jammingincombatboots@gmail.com.

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