August Stitch Fix Review (What I Got & What I Kept)

August 8, 2014·

*This is not a sponsored post. This post does contain a referral link, so if you sign up to try out Stitch Fix, I will receive a credit towards my next fix, but that’s it. 🙂

I’m back for my monthly Stitch Fix review!

I’ve started scheduling my fixes for earlier in the month and I think I’m going to stay on the “early in the month” rotation for now. I know I just did my July review like, two weeks ago or so, but hopefully I’ll be on a regular schedule going forward. Not that you care or anything… haha!

As usual, I will share what I got, what I thought of it, fit, sizing, price point, quality, and whether or not I kept it! And, of course, these are taken in my backyard because I like to photograph my reactions as I try things on!

Without further ado: 

Towne & Reese “Cammy Faceted Stone Teardrop Earrings” – $34

August Stitch Fix Review (What I Got & What I Kept) (2)

I will admit that I’m very familiar with the Towne & Reese line of jewelry mainly because Emily from The Bachelorette works with them and has a jewelry line with them. AND they are a North Carolina-based company! Haha! Is that sad? Maybe. Oh well.

Anyway, I had le sads when I opened up the earrings at first because one of the earrings was “broken.” Well, it wasn’t broken broken… the teardrop had come off the hook. However, every time I tried to put it back on the hook it would fall off. I was able to tighten it and it didn’t fall off, but I was afraid of them falling off all the time.

I will say that the earrings are REALLY cute, I love the color, and they are clearly solid and well made (despite the falling off bit), BUT, I just am not a “dangly earring” person much anymore. I will wear them EVERY once in a while if I’m going somewhere and Lilly isn’t with me. Lilly just pulls at my jewelry so much that I have to be careful what I wear around her.

Had they been a little cheaper (even though I do think $34 is a fair price for them, for sure)… I probably would have kept them. But, overall, they weren’t worth it for me to keep. 🙁 So, back they went.

Street Level “Jamie Geometric Print Folded Clutch” – $48

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This clutch definitely gave me the squeals when I got it out of the box. It is even more beautiful in person than in pictures. It is SO well made. The quality is some of the best I’ve seen. It’s thick, sturdy, and just… my gracious. It’s adorable. I love that you can carry it as a clutch or wear the chain to make it cross-body.

It’s certainly not an everyday bag, that’s for sure. It’s not big enough to carry around all the accoutrements I carry with me. BUT, it is perfect for a quick errand running, a date night, a night out with girlfriends… etc. It has two zippered pockets on the inside perfect for a couple cards, ID, lipgloss, etc.

It was a DEFINITE keeper.

Pomelo “Indianan Abstract Chevron Print Mixed Material Tee” – XL – $44

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I loved the colors of this top right out of the box. The print on the back is just stunning. I was a little worried about the “boxyness” of it, but as always, was willing to give it a go. As far as quality, I think the price point is right on for what you get. The front of the shirt is a soft, REALLY soft, jersey material, and the back is almost like a silky satin. I also love that the back is lower than the front. Those types of tops are flattering on my body.

When I put it on, it definitely was boxy like I originally thought it would be, BUT, I surprisingly liked it. Boxy tops like this definitely need to be worn with something that has structure on the bottom. A pencil skirt, skinny jeans, etc. You can’t wear anything baggy on the bottom when you’re wearing a boxy top… it gives you no shape. You could wear a maxi skirt, depending on the fit.

Overall, I thought this was a top that would actually work well in my wardrobe and I loved the pattern so I decided to keep it!

Renee C “Tucker Mixed Print Split-Back Tank” – XL – $48

August Stitch Fix Review (What I Got & What I Kept) (1)

August Stitch Fix Review (What I Got & What I Kept) (6)

By far, my favorite top I have ever gotten in a fix. I am borderline obsessed with this shirt. If it’s possible to be in love with a shirt, I am in love with this shirt.

The colors are beautiful, the print is exactly my style, the split back is such a fun “surprise” detail, and the fit is spot on. I adore it. It’s the PERFECT shirt to go from spring, to summer, to fall, to winter. Can be worn alone, with a cardigan overtop, with shorts, jeans, skirts, you name it.

The material isn’t cotton, but isn’t silk, but isn’t well, anything I can really describe. It almost has a gritty texture to it… it’s hard to describe. Either way, I really like it.

This was FOR SURE a keeper!

41Hawthorn “Iris Striped A-Line Skirt” – XL – $58

August Stitch Fix Review (What I Got & What I Kept) (4)

I was really excited about this skirt out of the box. The stripes are cute, the waistband is actually almost like a sweatshirt waistband, and the skirt has pockets! We all know how I feel about skirts with pockets. Big fan.

And then I tried it on. Tried it on, with “tried” being the operative word. It didn’t even fit enough for me to photograph it. 🙁 I was able to get it on over my hips, but it was not zipping up. Noooo way. Now, I am pretty solidly a size large or XL. I know I have big hips… that’s a given. However, this skirt in NO WAY fit like an XL. I’d almost say that it fit more like a medium or maybe a small large. If that makes sense.  I’ve been able to fit other XL items in fixes pretty well… but this was not happening.

Even though it has an elastic waistband, because of the thickness of the skirt itself and the structure of it, it is not forgiving at all. So, if you get this in a fix, know that it is realllly small for the size itself.

So, needless to say, I sent it back. I wish it had fit, because it’s really cute!

Overall thoughts on this fix…

So, there you have it. I really loved this fix. I kept three items and sent back two and I’m reallllly happy with the items I decided to keep. I was sad about the earrings and the skirt, but the other two tops and the clutch were perfect and made it totally worth it.

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And I hate to be “that guy,” but I’m really excited that I’ve got something REALLY exciting coming up in September with Stitch Fix. I will just have to leave it at that for now. 🙂 Just a little teaser.

Now what about you? Have you tried Stitch Fix before? Share a link to your fix review in the comments!!