STYLE | 8 Ways to Wear Gold Glitter Loafers & #LetItShine Link-Up

August 11, 2014·

For pretty much most of my life, I was not a fan of gold. I never wore gold jewelry, gold accessories, gold nail polish… nothing. I just didn’t like it on me. I don’t know why, really. And I don’t know if it’s the change in trends, my age, change in style preferences or what, but in the last year or so I’ve really come around on gold and I wear it all the time now. In my jewelry, accessories, nail polish, and shoes – I am a big fan of gold. I think it looks so classy!

I remember almost two years ago (it was November 2012) I laid eyes on the cutest pair of gold glitter loafers at Target. They were on sale for like $14 or something at the time and I said to myself, “Yes, you need to buy these shoes.” At the time, I had absolutely no clue how I would wear them – I just knew they were cute.

Well, it turns out they’re pretty much one of my favorite pairs of shoes ever and I wear them all. the. time. They’ve become such a versatile pair of shoes in my closet! As fall is approaching and we’re starting to think about fall fashion and whatnot… and of course since I’m in North Carolina and it’s still scorching hot, we can’t forget about summer… I thought I’d share a little roundup of eight of my favorite ways that I’ve worn my gold glitter loafers. Some of these looks are way back from late 2012. Oh yes. Throwback! But not really.

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STYLE | 8 Ways to Wear Gold Glitter Loafers (1)

Tunics & Scallops | The Favorite Dress
STYLE | 8 Ways to Wear Gold Glitter Loafers (2)

Sparkle | A Winter OutfitSTYLE | 8 Ways to Wear Gold Glitter Loafers (3)

Veronica Corningstone | Pete & Repeats
STYLE | 8 Ways to Wear Gold Glitter Loafers (4)Burgundy | Old Vests

Since the ones I got from Target are long sold out, here are a few other places I’ve been able to find reasonably priced gold glitter loafers:

Now what about you? You a fan of glittery shoes? How would you wear them?
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