So Domestic: A Freezer Meal Party (1)


  1. This looks so fun and would be a huge help on busy evenings! It looks like you had a blast doing it too!

  2. Wow what a great idea! If I didn’t have so many food allergies, I would totally do this for my friends! 🙂 Awesome!

  3. Now that is awesome!! My freezer meal parties usually just include me and a good movie. I started cooking freezer meals when I was in college. I would cook all my meat, let it cool then bring it into my living room, turn on a good movie and package everything up into single servings so I could have quick food to eat on the run.

    My plan kinda died after I got married my husband would eat what I had planned for a week in a single serving… Oh well

  4. Cool idea! I was trying to think of party ideas just to get friends together. I was also thinking of a Favorite Things party. Those also look fun.

  5. How fun!! I’m planning to do the same with a friend in November, because we’re both due shortly after that!

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