1. I’ve been trying to set aside time to social media/blog… then shut if off! I feel like I can get stuck in an awkward not really working, but not really paying attention to my babe. Now I try to focus 100% on what I am doing at the moment.

    Good luck with all your decisions 🙂 I will be praying for you!! Those times are tough… Felt like that has been me for the last year lol

  2. I think I do a good job of being unplugged when everyone else in my house is awake. I am usually up later than the kids and Will, and that’s my time for all things internet. Of course, I should probably be asleep 🙂 But, I like to unwind by watching Youtube (like you didn’t already know this!) or scrolling through Instagram. And on the weekends, I have a hard time even getting to the computer or Kindle or phone because we’re always doing something. I think if I’d had a smart phone when our oldest was born, I would’ve needed to consciously unplug a bit more … if that makes sense.

  3. Being unplugged is so important. I do not have a family yet but my partner and I both work full-time hours in the education sector and much of our time is spent in front of computers. It was starting to have a real effect on my health – chronic headaches, migraines, weight gain, general low mood. Then I started my blog to connect with other people (I don’t have any local friends or family, my wonderful friends all live over an hour away or more and my family are 3 hours away), to indulge in and encourage my hobbies, to become more positive and reflect on aspects of my life. But this does involve yet more time in front of the computer so I have other methods to help. Firstly and most importantly is to spend time with a) my boyo and b) other loved ones so I make an effort to see friends once a month, I spend time after work chatting to my Boyo about our days, I include him in all aspects of my life, we 100% love each other and sharing is part of that. Secondly we moved house, we now live much closer to my work so our commute is drastically reduced which means more time together and less time wasted and we live in a beautiful countryside village – it is hard to be all stressed out when you see hills and fields instead of hustle and bustle. Finally this is the thing that keeps me sane and happy and it is free and unplugged from all technology; we go for walks, we enjoy the beautiful country we live in, we enjoy the nature we see and the splendid views, we chat to each other, we take time to look around, we hold hands and we have fun. Sometimes good clean fresh air (even when the weather is awful, I do live in Scotland after all!) can work miracles.

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