My Alternative to Yoga Pants and a T-Shirt | Lilly Pulitzer Crystal Coast Popover, Lime Jeans, TOMS


  1. hmmmm I’m trying to think… I usually wear my polka dot pj pants… but that’s not really put together… I would have to say my striped maxi skirt… it is just as comfy as yoga pants, but slightly more fancy… with like a black tee

  2. Haha I’d love to give this advice to people I see out at the stores wearing pajama bottoms… I completely agree with you too- I always like to look put-together even when I’m having a relaxing day at home!

  3. It is great to remember to get dressed even when we don’t have to – it really does do something to make us feel great! You look so good in this outfit! I love the Lilly top!

  4. I LOVE THIS and it is so true. I try to look “nice” even when I just want to be comfy. lately I’ve been bad at that though and I blame, truly blame it on the fact I need to do laundry and A LOT of laundry haha!

  5. 100% agree with this post and how looking and feeling ‘unkempt’ spills into other areas. In fact just by looking at my clothes you can probably tell a lot about my state of mind!

  6. This is such a great post Molly! I am with you, if I get dressed I feel productive. Typically I wear soft pants from Fab’rik that have an elastic waist. Then I add a bright colored tank that looks silky. I tend to get too hot in the summer way to quickly so a tank is so necessary for me.
    xo, Lee

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