Six Ways to Take Your (Blog) Photography to the Next Level (4)


  1. I hate to admit but almost all of my photos are done on “auto”. I’ve flicked through all the different settings and that one always had the best results. Or I’ll use the specialized settings (aimed to shoot through glass, snow, sunsets, indoors, etc) – basically what I assume is the “auto” for specific (location) settings. I did look through manual before (and then every single setting) and found out that not one of my settings has ISO or any sort of white balance, I pretty much gave up after that since the majority of tutorials I see are for those two settings.

  2. OK. I need advice. I’m “thinking” about doing more style posts, but I’m scared. How do you take the photos of yourself? Do you use a tripod? Husband? Friend? Give me some tips! 🙂

  3. Just discovered that you and I use the exact same camera equipment. I love the photos I get with that camera, and you are spot-on that they are even better when you shoot in manual mode and take control of the image. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Hi Molly! I just found you through #WeDo Photography (I also submitted a post for it today!). I’m always excited to find another photography lover. 🙂 Also: yay for Durham! My older sister lives there and I (pretty much) grew up in Asheville, although now I live in Chicago. Looking forward to following your blog!

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