October Stitch Fix Review – What I Got & What I Kept

October 3, 2014·

I know, I know, I’ve talked about Stitch Fix a lot this week (here and here, in case you’re curious). I promise this is the last time that I will talk about them this week. Okay, well, it’s Friday, so I guess that doesn’t count. But you know what I mean. My latest fix came in the mail this week and I wanted to be sure that I shared it with you!

I’ll be honest, this was a tough fix because I REALLY loved everything, but I knew I couldn’t realistically keep everything and there were also some pieces that I was so wishy-washy on. One minute I loved it, the next minute I was like “Ehhhh, I don’t know!

Now, like every Stitch Fix review that I’ve done, I will share what I got, what I thought of the item (fit, style, size, material, quality, price, etc.) and whether or not I kept the item. As always, I share pictures taken as I try the items on so that I can give you my first impression! Our backyard was really muddy from a lot of rain, so they got taken in my driveway this time. Just keepin’ ya guessing, y’all!!

Also, in my September Stitch Fix review, I shared some tips for getting a great fix, I’d definitely recommend checking that post out if you’re interested!

Okay, enough rambling, on to this month’s fix!


Market and Spruce “Shiva Plaid Mixed Material Tee” – XL – $44

So, this top is actually the top (and piece) that I liked the LEAST when I pulled all the items out of my fix. It just didn’t seem at all like my style… Not that I don’t like plaid, because I do, but I don’t know… it just didn’t seem very “me.” I liked the material… the front is a satiny material while the sleeves and back are a REALLY soft stretchy jersey material… but the style seemed off.

And then I put it on. I FELL IN LOVE. This is easily one of those great examples of, “At LEAST try everything on… you don’t know if you don’t like it until you try it on!” It’s just perfect. I think the fit is spot on, the price is spot on, the quality is GREAT, and I can tell that this is easily going to be a favorite top for me this fall and winter.

I can’t wait to pair it with something uber girly like pearls or a pencil skirt to really give it a fun, different feel. I just love it.


Kut from the Kloth “Kate Distressed Boyfriend Jean” – Size 14 – $78

I asked specifically for some boyfriend jeans in this fix and I even mentioned that I’d like to try a “distressed” style. I don’t have any boyfriends jeans and I’ve never really tried the “distressed denim” look… so I asked my stylist, Kimberly, to send some my way so I could try them out.

I know Kut from the Kloth is a great brand and so I was excited to try these. They are definitely a sturdy denim and don’t feel too thin at all. I thought the $78 price point was totally fair for a good, quality pair of jeans like these.

And then I put them on and BOY OH BOY they go on like butter. They’re SO soft, they fit great… they’re actually a LITTLE bit big / loose, but since that is the style of boyfriend jeans, I am cool with it. They fit me GREAT in the waist and they don’t feel like they’re too tight in any areas.

They are definitely a little too long so I will need to get them hemmed, but that’s nothing $8 and my awesome tailor can’t fix.


Skies are Blue “Sia Floral Embroidery Peasant Blouse” – Size XL – $58

So, funny story… when I was in San Francisco a few weeks ago at the Stitch Fix warehouse (The “Hizzy”), we were packing fixes and I saw this same blouse in another color (white with maroon embroidery) going into someone’s fix and I said, “Ohhhhhhh I LOVE THAT TOP.” And I immediately pinned it to my Stitch Fix inspiration board when I got home hoping to request it in an upcoming fix.

And then, because I think my stylist just knows me that well, she sent it to me in this fix before I’d even requested it! WIN!! Now, it is not in the white / maroon color like the one I saw (obviously), but I actually really like this color and I think it will be a GREAT fall / winter top for me this year.

The material is SO soft… like, you just want to snuggle it. For real. I do think $58 is a little on the steep end for it, BUT, I just didn’t have the heart to send it back. I love it too much.

Also, looking at the pictures of me in it with the Kut from the Kloth boyfriend jeans, I do NOT think I will wear this top with boyfriend jeans… it’s just too boxy of a look. But this top with skinny jeans will be perfect, I do believe. 🙂


41Hawthorn “Milan Lace Print Back Pleat Top” – Size XL – $58

I LOVED this top right out of the box. The material is a satiny material (I’ve really gotta get better at describing fabrics… but this will do for now) and I loved the detailing on it. I love lace! Lace is totally my style and this top really fit the bill.

At first, when I put it on, I really loved it. I think it’s so pretty and it’s so flowy and comfortable. It is definitely big on me, a size large would be better in this top, for sure… but I still loved the loose fit. I thought I was going to keep it, but having sat on it and thought about it, I wasn’t sure. I think my stylist absolutely NAILED it with this top, but between the price tag of $58 and me trying to really crunch my budget, coupled with the fact that it’s definitely too big, I opted to send it back.

I am probably TOTALLY going to regret that decision.


Kut from the Kloth “Jonathan Corduroy Skinny Pant” – Size 14 – $78

Ohhhhh how I want to love love love these pants. They are REALLY comfortable. They are TOTALLY my style. I love corduroys and I love that they are still totally in style for fall. The color is just beautiful. The material is soft. They are stretchy. They fit great (although they are also WAY TOO long… so I need to get them hemmed, like whoa)… but similar to the Milan Lace Print top… there was just something that was “off.” I don’t know…

Again, my stylist nailed my style with these, but I think between their price tag and the overall look, I just wasn’t sold on them 100%… and I’m really one of those people that needs to be “SOLD” on a piece before I will buy it.

I’m not giving up on the cords trend and I do hope that I get another pair in another fix that maybe will be the right fit and style… but for now… these were a no go.

Like the lace top, I am probably going to totally regret sending them back.


So there you have it! 

Overall impressions of this fix? Kimberly, my stylist, is KILLIN’ it right now with my fixes. I think she’s really getting to know my style! I have requested her for my next fix, too! Just know that you can ALWAYS request the same stylist in your fix notes. I think that really does help! I loved everything in this fix, I just didn’t keep it all for either fit, pricing, or whatnot… but I think 3 out of 5 ain’t bad!

What about you? What have you gotten in your fix lately? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Happy Friday!


*This post is NOT sponsored and I am not being told to write this post. I am a huge fan of Stitch Fix and pay for the service with my own money. I do have a referral link that you can use if you would like and by using that referral link, I do receive a credit towards future fixes. If you sign up for Stitch Fix and try it yourself, you will also get a referral link that YOU can share with your friends and family and you can receive credit, too! YAY!