October Stitch Fix Review


  1. Hi Molly, It’s my first time reading your blog (I got connected through another person sponsoring the giveaway (thank you for that, by the way). Loved seeing the pieces on you — if you like the lace top so much, can’t you request the smaller size? I hate to think that you’ll be regretting sending it back, and it looks good on you as far as the pattern. As for the cords, I love the color but they almost look like velvet in the photos (not that that’s a bad thing). But you should be able to find a pair that you’re happy with, whereas some of the other pieces are more unique. Looking forward to reading more from you, and you go, girl!

  2. I totally look forward to your Stitch Fix posts! I love how happy you look in all these clothes! And you’re right – your stylist has been killing it lately 🙂

  3. I LOVE that plaid shirt, I’m glad to see you kept it!! My last fix was pretty awesome too I have to say, but I ended up only keeping one thing because of budgeting for the month, but my fixes have been vastly improving from tips I read on your blog! So thank you!

  4. You may not be quite comfortable with your body right now but you look GREAT in all these outfits! I’m on the fence about stitch fix. It’s a fantastic concept, but I really love going to the store and playing dress up. Maybe if I got a full length mirror. Or had my husband build me a dressing room. Ha!

  5. That first shirt has me IN LOVE. In fact, It has me inspired to fashion a top of my own with a similar fabric I already have and leather sleeves!

  6. Okay first of all, I’m a fairly new reader and I just LOVE that you are brave and say what size you got in each item! I love fashion blogs, but it can be so discouraging when the blogger is a skinny mini rocking a $400 crop top and mini skirt. You are just so realistic, and look way more like me then those ladies! 🙂 That being said, I’m curvy like you and I found the best skinny cords from Old Navy online! The wine color is so pretty in person!

    1. thank you SO much for the kind words, amanda! that really means a lot! I really try to be as honest and transparent as possible… and that even includes sharing the size i wear! I want people to be able to get a perspective on fit and whatnot. 🙂

  7. Wish I could find some of these tops on line… Really love the first one! I had a baby a few weeks after you, and I’m all about the flowy tops right now.

  8. I think you made the right decision on the lace top! It looks really comfy, but it was kind of ‘meh’ in my opinion. I love that plaid top. I watched the #Blogging411 show on Wednesday night and I thought you look amazing in it!

  9. Everytime I read your stitchfix post I wish they would come to the UK! I have found with the cord/velvet trousers that the skinny style only really works when paired with boots. The heavier fabric and clingy style just seem to need boots or booties to work. That is my opinion anyway it is different for different people. I’ve just ordered a pair of teal cords from Long Tall Sally, can’t wait to see what they are like! I am tall but not a skinny beanpole so really struggle with the fit of things sometimes.

      1. I was wondering how much stretch you’re finding with them? For the life of me I can’t find a pair that doesn’t stretch to the point of sloppy after a couple of hours these days!

  10. Just curious– did you specifically request big flowy tops? They never seem to send anything fitted. Also, do you not get an accessory in every fix? I would love to try stitchfix but they don’t carry plus size

    1. Hey Lisa! I do actually request flowy tops… I just don’t love my body enough to rock anything super fitted (yet). I have tried a few fitted tops and I just didn’t love them. I also requested to not get an accessory in this fix. I know you can request to get ALL accessories or you can request ALL clothes. I am in the largest size they offer (14 and XL) and that has seemed to work out well for me. I know adding plus sizes is definitely something they’d love to do down the road!

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