Transform the Night + Link-Up

October 6, 2014·

Gown: Monique Lhuillier ML Glamorous in Lace Gown rented from Rent the Runway | Bag: Vintage Prada | Bracelets: GroopDealz (and my Jawbone! haha!)

On Friday night, I got all dressed up and whatnot and headed to a masquerade ball. Before I get to talking about the dress and all that for the evening, I wanna talk about what the evening was about.

The event was called Transform the Night and it was a masquerade ball for Transforming Hope Ministries, a local organization that I am on the Board of Directors for and an organization that I’ve been involved with for three years. In short, Transforming Hope is a grassroots organization that is working (tirelessly) to make an impact and put an end on the horrific reality that is modern day slavery – human trafficking.

There are over 28 million people in the world TODAY that are current victims of human trafficking. 300,000 people in the United States alone. And North Carolina ranks #8 of all 50 states for the most children enslaved by human trafficking.

It’s a very, VERY serious reality and so often these days people only think that it happens internationally – they have no clue that it’s a domestic problem, too. Heck, it’s happening in our own back yard. The more I learn about what’s happening, the more angry and fired up I get. I believe righteous anger is God given and I am truly angry about the fact that there are 10, 11, 12+ year-old girls being told that their worth is only determined by how much money someone is willing to pay for them, take advantage of them, and perform heinous acts with them.  It makes me physically sick to think about it.

And so often, I just feel so helpless. I want to do something. So I’m doing the only thing I know how, and that’s to support organizations like Transforming Hope in every way that I can to bring awareness, help raise money, provide resources, or whatever to help save even ONE girl’s life.

Transform the Night was a night dedicated to unveiling the mask on human trafficking as it is in our local community and in our state. We also will be launching a campaign in November called The Hope Effect to raise support for our upcoming education, prevention, and restoration programs. If you’re interested in finding out more about Transforming Hope or just learning some more about domestic minor human trafficking, you can watch the video series we just launched here – that will give you some great information. And you can always email me and I’d LOVE to talk with you more about it!

Transform the Night (2)

Okay, as difficult as it is to transition to something completely opposite from human trafficking, I’m just going to flip the switch and talk superficial stuff now… I hope that’s okay!

It was my first time renting a dress from Rent the Runway and I had such a GREAT experience. I was so nervous because they only had one size available in the dress I wanted to rent, so I took a gamble and based upon reviews, others said this Monique Lhuillier gown ran pretty true to size. It honestly not often that I truly can say that I “feel beautiful” – but I felt like a princess in this dress! I put on false eyelashes (which took me the better part of an hour to put on!), did my hair (albeit a little bit unsuccessfully…), and got dressed and I just felt awesome!

I shared just a couple photos on Instagram that night, but I wanted to share a few more so you can see the whole dress. I mean, this dress was honestly probably nicer then my wedding gown. Haha! How often do I have the excuse to get this gussied up?

Transform the Night (3) Transform the Night (4)

My handsome date… totally wore what he wore when we got married. So hunky.Transform the Night (5)

Us at the ball.Transform the Night (6)

My makeup…Transform the Night (7)

Some masks…Transform the Night (8)

And some Instagram and iPhone shots. I was totally having too much fun photobombing… haha!!Transform the Night (9)

As much fun as it was to get dressed up, it really was such an amazing night celebrating an organization that I’m so HONORED to be a part of!

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