This is My Real Life. (2)


  1. I definitely throw my clothes in the dryer. I don’t even own a clothes iron. haha Quite frankly, I prefer it. I don’t waste time fussing over whether clothes go into the closet unwrinkled, and it doesn’t take long to put it in the dryer – and I can get other stuff done in those few minutes, and they always come out fine. lol

  2. Lol love the title and image combined together. You have always had such a fabulous sense of humor and I’m glad it continues into motherhood!! Also, I hate doing dishes too. Bleh.

  3. Love it! I hate doing dishes and I can’t stand a sink full of dishes. I need a clean kitchen to cook so it’s a problem. I don’t iron, ever. My husbands work shirts are either a little wrinkled or done by the cleaners.

  4. It’s crazy how often your blog posts correspond with exactly what has been on my heart. I’ve been on a soul-searching journey they past few months to figure out how to simplify my life and live MY life – not my friend’s life, a blogger’s life, or a Pinterest account life. God has been teaching me so much about this, through many avenues. As this next year will be a huge year for me – with lots of exciting and scary endings and equally exciting and scary new beginnings – I think this is preparing me for what’s next. Or, maybe it’s just part of being in my late twenties (ugh, it kills me to say that!)

    Thank you so much for your authenticity. It’s is truly refreshing! Also, your first four confessions are me – to a “T.” Except that my disdain for washing dishes always outweighs my disdain for dishes in the sink. haha.

  5. Thank you Molly, you are an encouragement to me. My husband and I are taking the Financial Peace class now and I also appreciate your sharing about money…we both like to shop too much :(.

  6. O my goodness so first of all I totally wrote a post about lowering our standards because social media is hard to live up to and not using the #momfail and so on, on my own blog today not even knowing you where doing a similar thing! Wow thats a run on sentence I’m sure…. Second, I must say that we would seriously be best friends in real life….is that creepy? Probably.

  7. My real life is recruiting- I am a head hunter who has kind of lost the passion for it. It’s no fun calling strangers and asking them if they want to move to WI! ( that is the very simplified version of what I do) So, I read your blog to have that 5 minutes of fun and forget about the other stuff.
    BTW…how about them Browns? Did you see Sunday’s game?!?!

  8. LOVE this, Molly!! A lot of people’s Instagram accounts make me believe their life is so perfect, when it can’t be. My life isn’t perfect and my closet is always a disaster. Life shouldn’t be perfect though, that would be boring 🙂


  9. I get this. Boy do I. Those immaculately filtered (literally and figuratively) Instagram photos and blogs depicting perfect, well, EVERYTHING can cause quite the inner turmoil. I know they are but snapshots of an imperfect life, but sometimes they have a way of oozing into the little emotional cracks that form when you’ve had a bad day, you’re jeans are feeling a little snug, and you wore two different socks by accident.

    But there’s one thing I’ve noticed: those blogs and Instagram accounts slowly fade into the background. It’s been a very gradual progression, but the “unfollow” button has gotten clicked here and there until I find my blogroll and feed to be full of beautiful but relate-able content. There’s a reason your blog has made it through every personal revolution I’ve had over the past several years. You don’t feature a new Chanel bag every week, leaving us wondering how the rest of us are supposed to afford such luxuries in the real world. You talk about debt and marriage and parenthood in the way it should be talked about… you don’t leave your fellow mothers wondering why they can’t do it all when, in fact, nobody can.

    Aspiring to more beauty in your life is a good thing. Until the comparisons begin. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Does that ever ring true. I find that dancing to the beat of my own (blogging) drum has an added benefit: I attract like-minded people who want to have real discussions in the comment section. People who I can interact with in a genuine way.

    Here’s to authenticity.

  10. I love your blog, Molly! Keep up the good work! I often have wondered how you do it all- a special talent indeed.

  11. I read a tip somewhere that if you throw a wet towel in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes, then pull them out before the towel is completely dry, you don’t have to iron. So that is absolutely what I do all the time, I think my ironing board probably needs to be dusted!

    Sometimes I worry about sharing the difficult times in my life because I feel like I’m tired of hearing myself whine, and worry that no one else will want to listen to that either. In fact I think I once lost a friend over my whining, so now I’m really reluctant to share when I’m struggling. But as a mother to a teenager and a pre-teen with ADHD, I frequently struggle and feel like a failure, and feel like whining. But I do try to keep it to a minimum on my blog so as not to scare readers away; though it is a balancing act with keeping it real.

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