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  1. I have a lot of financial goals that I want to achieve, but I am not sure where to start. I don’t have a starting point right now, but reading the six ways shared here has provided me with some motivation to start working on my goals.

  2. Ah but see, what if the reason you sometimes have trouble paying rent on time is you don’t have the money? What if you’re spending as little as humanly possible because you literally have no money to spend, and the only logical solution is to try and make more money? Do you happen to have a post about that? I always read all these budgeting posts hoping they’ll be helpful to my situation bit they’re always for people who are already making enough money to put some aside. *pout*

    1. hey lix!! oh man i was in that situation before and i have talked about that in some previous posts…. can you shoot me an email ( and tell me a little more about your situation (if you feel comfortable) and I can see how i can help / any advice i may be able to give?

  3. I’m totally going to do these with my husband. We save every penny we don’t spend and we don’t spend outside of our “budget” but it’s more of a theory, like a we talked about it 7 years ago and we just still do it. He’s an amazing money manager which i’m thankful for because I am not. I’ve learned a little along the way but it doesn’t come as natural to me. Love these tips! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love this! All excellent reminders. I had a working budget all of last year, but my husband and I just moved (not to mention got married!) and we REEEALLY need to make time to re-look at our budget. 🙂

  5. This was awesome! We have been saving to buy a house and with the recent engagement we are now looking at how to save for wedding cost. I just created spread sheets and it is amazing to truly see where all of your income is going. This was truly awesome, you rock as always!

  6. I love these posts, Molly! Especially now that my entire money situation is going to change with a little one on the way! You’ve taught me so much so far!

  7. Thanks for this, Molly. I have read some money posts of yours before. But this is a great reminder. We paid off $25k in debt and it was not easy. But very necessary as we were drowning. It’s not fun to make a budget. It’s not fun to say no. But it will be worth it in the end.

  8. Love this, thank you so much for sharing! We are trying to get control of our finances and we do have a budget (finally!) but we really need to work on getting our goals clear and figuring out how we are going to get there, so this is very helpful!

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