Jawbone #UP24 Band Review (4)


  1. I was given my Jawbone Up24 for Christmas and I’m addicted to the stats! At first I thought ‘why on earth do I need to know how many steps I’ve walked?’ and now I’m obsessing if I’ve taken it off for a shower and then forgotten to put it back on. Luckily you can manually add in additional exercise. I need a waterproof one though as I swim a lot and do triathlons!

  2. I got my up24 just a few days ago and I am loving it so far. I like tracking my foodbeverage intake and the sleep tracker is really cool. I’m low on my steps but it has given me smaller goals and encouragement, like doing 500 more steps today which I did and it congratulated me! I have small wrists and got the medium. Fits perfect. I hardly know I have it on. My friend got the fit bit so we will be comparing soon. I’m still glad I got the jawbone.

  3. I just got mine a few days ago and already it is helping me make small but significant steps towards better health. I love that it can help me wake up a little early if necessary because it’s when I’m going to feel better (not in deep sleep). The other day I saw my steps were low . . . motivated me to get my dog out for a walk. 🙂

  4. I’m obsessed with my Jawbone too! I need more teammates, though. Is there a place where one can find other Jawbone people?

  5. Ditto! Ok mine is the persimmon jawbone and I double up with myfitnesspal and also have it linked to my Walgreens app. So not only am I doing something for myself (I have lost 35lbs in the last few months) but i’m also getting little rewards at Walgreens for all my efforts. Keep up the great work and style of the Jawbone!#jawboneforlife

  6. I just got the same one a couple weeks ago and am obsessed with it as well! Love when I hit over 10k steps in the afternoon and I love seeing how I slept in the morning, Love everything about it!

  7. I’ve had a fitbit zip for over a year now. I took a little break from it for a while (ahem… replacing batteries is hard) but I’ve been back on board for the last couple. I have to consciously push myself to make my 10,000 step goal, but I’ve hit it daily for just shy of a month now. Most days that means pacing back and forth in my living room like a kook, but it works!

  8. Dude! You don’t need to take it off to shower/bathe….it helps clean the band 🙂 Well mine is a lighter color, so I need that but black shouldn’t be a problem. You know how much I love my Jawbone…glad you are enjoying it too! It helps just being cognizant of taking the stairs or walk the extra block instead of the elevator/driving places.

    1. thanks, girl!! did you get the right size? i got the small to start out with and it was WAY too small… i upped it to a medium and it’s the perfect size and i don’t even notice it is there!

  9. So let’s just say hypothetically I have wrists the size of a pre-teen girl. Is the Jawbone adjustable so it doesn’t fall off?

    1. they come in different sizes. I am wearing a medium and I have pretty small wrists. I actually got the small to begin with and it was WAY too small for me… so I am SURE that the small would be perfect for you!!

  10. I have been thinking of getting these for my family when we go to Disney. I have always wanted to see how many steps we take when we are there!! We have to walk a lot to help burn off everything we eat that week;) I want to thank you for the style challenge on IG this month. It has helped me get dressed every day and really made me take a good look at my wardrobe. I am sending another bag to ThreadUp today and I am really working on just keeping and buying the pieces that I love and wear. Thank you for helping me get dressed in something other than running pants this month!! Susan

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