Molly's Money | Four Tips for Properly Using a Credit Card


  1. I can’t wait to pay off my credit card debt so I can use it like a debit card. Do you use YNAB? They have a whole budgeting section about how to budget with your credit card.

  2. I work at Ann Taylor (and worked at a department store in college), so we obviously sell credit cards. It shocks me how many people open them just to get a one time savings. Most store cards have interest rates in the 25% range. I shop there, but I still don’t have a card. If I have to put it on a credit card instead of my debit card, then I shouldn’t be buying it.

  3. I am a big believer in using credit cards wisely because as long as you only buy what you can afford and pay it off every month, you can make them work for you! I have a credit card that I use exclusively for the fantastic travel rewards and I just booked free flights for my winter vacation 🙂

  4. Great tips! We just got rid of our second card because we weren’t using it wisely… I need to get better at paying ours completely off every month. I like how you say to use it like a debit card, great tip! 🙂

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