CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art

November 12, 2014·

Ever since we moved into our new house, I’ve been having so much fun decorating rooms little by little. We are doing things on a budget, big time… and so I’ve been trying to find ways to decorate… well, on a budget. (Redundant, I’m aware…)

One of the most surprisingly expensive things I come across are things like WALL ART. Wall art can get expensive, yo. It’s crazy! And the other day, I was checking out the new Altar’d State store that just opened near us (in. love. by the way…), and I saw this wooden scripture art and fell in love… but then I was like $75?! Heck no, techno. Ain’t nobody got money for that! Okay, I’m sure some people do… but I certainly do not want to spend $75 on something like that…

So, anyway. I decided to venture to the store and get the accoutrements to try and make it myself! And, huzzah, I actually kinda like the way it turned out for my first try! It’s SUPER easy and really inexpensive!

Here’s how I did it: 

DIY Wooden Scripture Art

I got spray paint for my wood… I wanted the rustic, weathered look… so I took a stab and got this Rust-oleum metallic spray paint in soft flat iron. The color ended up being exactly what I wanted!

CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (2)

For my “backdrop” – I just got a 20×20 piece of weathered plywood from the wood section of Lowe’s… it ran me about $4.50.

CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (3)

Then came time to spray! I just sprayed one even coat over top of the wood…

CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (4)

Then after the paint dried, I took some 2″ letter stencils I got from Michael’s along with some acrylic paint in white and stenciled on what I wanted to write…

Now, I know the art in the main picture is different than what you see me working on… that’s because the one hanging on the wall is the one I made as my “trial” one to see if I could do it. Then, once I realized I could do it, I decided to make another one! Honestly, you could do any number of things – and it doesn’t even have to be scripture. CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (5)

For my second one, I actually took some lyrics from my favorite Hillsong United song Man of Sorrows and put that on the wood. Since I knew I would run out of space with the stencil, I decided to free hand some of it… that turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated, but honestly, I kinda like the “imperfect” look of it.

CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (6) CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (7)

Now I just have to figure out where I want to put my second one… I think I want to put it on our stairs and create a gallery of crosses all around it. I think that would look awesome!

The first one (pictured below) is hanging in our master bedroom. I love it! It’s not EXACTLY the same as the one I saw in the store, but close enough.CRAFTING | DIY Wooden Scripture Art (1)So, all in all… here’s what this project cost me: 

  • Wood: $4.50
  • Spray paint: $6
  • Stencils: $4
  • Acrylic paint: $0.97
  • Paint sponge: $2

Total cost: $17.47! And other than the wood, everything else I can use more than once… so really it costs a whole lot less per project. Not too shabby… much cheaper than $75 per!

Now I just have to stop myself because I want to make ALL THE WOODEN WALL ART THINGS.

What about you? What DIY projects have YOU been doing lately to save some cash?