Molly's Money: Making Health Care Reform Simple with TurboTax


  1. Valuable comments . I learned a lot from the facts – Does anyone know
    where my assistant might access a blank 2014 IRS 1095-A example to fill
    in ?

  2. Thank you for this! Our healthcare costs through my husband’s employer are rising by more than double beginning January 1st and we are going to obtain insurance through our state exchange, so there’s some info I did not know here! You’re the best!

  3. Reading this makes me so grateful for the NHS in the UK. It sounds so stressful for everyone and healthcare is such a vital thing. You know in Scotland we don’t even pay for our prescriptions at all, we have to pay a little for dental treatment (but free under age of 18 or if you are still in full-time education or pregnant) we have to pay for glasses/contacts (again free under age of 18 and you get a voucher towards cost if still in full-time education) and we can go to our doctor or hospital at anytime not fearing huge costs. I think that stress alone would make me ill! You do however have stichfix and we don’t here so you know pluses and minuses for both!

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