Our 2014 Christmas Cards + $250 Giveaway to Minted

December 19, 2014·

I have way too much fun planning out what I’m going to do for Christmas cards. I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas cards… there’s just something so personal and so traditional about it. In today’s day and age, we rarely send a note through the mail anymore… but sending a Christmas card is still this sliver of “old school” that I love and hope to hold onto for years.

Although, I will admit that the Christmas-card-picture-taking-process is NOT one that I’m a fan of… Just because trying to wrangle a husband who admittedly dislikes getting his “picture made,” a baby who is no longer a baby and does not want to sit still, and two dogs who are ready to chase any and all things they see… it’s not exactly a recipe for a great picture. And y’all know me… I LOVE PICTURES. But, we made it work. I took a picture of Lilly and my friend Kristin came over and snapped a picture of the five of us in our front yard. We made it work and it came out alright! 🙂Christmas Cards from Minted (2)

Anyway, when it comes to getting them actually printed, I LOVE finding a creative design, added personal elements, and I love a high quality finished product. I have used Minted for YEARS. I’m kind of obsessed with their stuff. I’ve gotten cards printed, invitations, announcements, etc. and have always loved their designs, their customer service, their crazy fast printing / shipping times, and the really high quality finished product.

Christmas Cards from Minted (3)

I got our cards this week and I just LOVE them. I actually printed a little “Christmas letter” on the back as well… (I didn’t photograph it because I didn’t want to share the personal note to our friends and family with the interwebs)…

But one of my FAVORITE features that they are offering FREEEEEEE, free, FREE this year is that you can upload your recipient addresses and they will print addresses for you on the envelopes… FOR FREE. That saved me so. much. time. when it came time to stuffing and sealing the cards! I LOVE them!

Christmas Cards from Minted (4)

What about you? Are you a Christmas card fan, too? Are you sending Christmas cards this year? Have you used Minted?

The fabulous folks at Minted are giving one of my readers a $250 gift card to Minted!! Woohoo!!! I know it’s a little late for Christmas cards… but you could use it for New Years cards, baby announcements, etc.!

Good luck!

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*Thank you to Minted for providing us with our 2014 Christmas Cards. You guys are the best!! We LOVE them! No other compensation was provided. This post does contain an affiliate link which means I make a small commission if you purchase through it… but that’s it! I have used Minted for years for announcements, invitations, cards, etc. I really love them!