cognac leather jacket, loose comfy tee, booties | fall fashion (1)


  1. I love this! Especially the playful pictures. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a casual outfit. Your casual is quite polished in my opinion, but I know what you’re saying with the “more ‘polished.'” Because I wear lots of skirts and dresses, my outfits are often pegged as more polished. I’m all for what ever is comfortable and looks good on you. This looks GREAT on you. The jacket is beautiful.

  2. I have to admit, dressing casual is not one of my strong suites. It always starts off good, then it goes like this: jeans and tee, oh let’s add a fancy cardi with bling, oh let’s grab a statement necklace, well now I need a pair of heels. Uhg. You have challenged me this morning to put a cute casual look together.

    I just love your easy look with that fabulous jacket and I just cannot get over that clutch. Way my style!


  3. I totally agree with not overthinking clothes!! I love the picture with the leaves 🙂 … I mean, the one where you’re throwing the leaves (all of the pictures have leaves, haha).

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