7 Tips for Rocking and Taking Control of Your Finances in 2015


  1. I was paying down my debt like a mad woman (gazelle intensity!) while still being able to afford going on a vacation to Europe after two years of saving on a tight teacher salary, all because I had a budget. I also kept a spreadsheet that showed how much I was paying monthly, and how much total debt I still had left. It was an awesome motivator to keep going and stay in control of other areas of my budget to see that number all off the time.

    And by the time I got married last summer,I had taught for 5 years and qualified for student loan forgiveness. I had a small enough chunk left over that after part of my loans were forgiven (if you teach in low income schools you can get college loans forgiven! google search for more info) we made one final payment and started our marriage debt free, and I know we are so fortunate to start our marriage in that position. It feels AMAZING to be debt free after so many years of hard work. We also decided right from the start to live below our means and live off of one salary and save the other. Now we are able to fully fund our retirement accounts, and save alot of money towards a house and other future expenses, etc. It is worth the fight to be debt free!

    P.S. Waving to walking dot/ Giedre! (I know her in real life! We studied abroad together in Italy!)

  2. I love your money posts! We’re really trying to pay off student loans, and buy a house this year (because getting rid of debt to get in a lot of debt is always a good idea right?) These are all things we’re actively working on to reach that goal!



  3. I just got married and have been hounding my hubby to sit down and help me plan the budget. Problem is, since he’s a student, we’re just living off of loans anyway. :p (not an excuse, I know, but I think he thinks we don’t actually need a budget if we literally only have so much to spend every month and don’t go past that).

  4. Thank you for these great tips! My husband and I just opened up a budget checking account. I am anxious to see how we do! Susan

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