BoxyCharm Jingle Belles Beauty Box Unboxing & Review

January 14, 2015·

I will be honest, I have been hesitant to jump on the “Beauty Box Subscription” bandwagon. I have been intrigued by them, but hadn’t really been compelled to try them out or whathaveyou. I did have an Ipsy bag subscription for awhile, but I was tired of receiving tiny little beauty samples that weren’t my beauty style at all.

And then some of the “nicer” beauty box subscriptions that had full sized items had crazy high monthly subscription price points. So I just felt like they were all a huge waste of money. I’m not against the idea of them at all… in fact, I think the idea is genius. I just hadn’t found one that seemed right for me or seemed like a great deal for what I like, beauty wise. Does that make sense at all?

Anyway, I recently got a chance to get a trial box from BoxyCharm to see what I thought of it. BoxyCharm is relatively new in that they’ve been around less than a full year… but they’re gaining serious steam… because their box is LEGIT.

BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription beauty box where you get FOUR to FIVE FULL SIZED ITEMS. That is awesome. No more tiny samples. I loveeee that you get full sized items! The subscription is $21 and when you see what the retail cost of the items in your box is, you know that you’re getting a seriously AWESOME value.

I was so excited to get the December “Jingle Belles” box and share it with y’all. I want to treat this like I would any other review… tell you what I got, the price point (retail) of the item, what I thought of it (initial impressions), and would I repurchase it.

BoxyCharm Beauty Box Unboxing & Review (7)

1: Be a Bombshell Lipgloss | 2. Eyelashi Mink Lashes | 3. Coastal Scents Revealed Palette | 4. Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush | 5. Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo

BoxyCharm Beauty Box Unboxing & Review (6)

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette – Full Size – Retails for $39.95

I was SO excited to see this palette in my box! I absolutely love eye shadow palettes and when I saw that it had TWENTY shades in it, I was really excited. I’ve never tried Coastal Scents eyeshadows before, but I have a few of their brushes and have really loved them – they’re some of my favorite eyeshadow brushes.

My initial first impression of the palette is that it is AWESOME. The color selection is full of gorgeous neutral nude and metallic tones. It has a really nice mix of matte, shimmer, and satin shades. When I swatched them, the color payoff was great and the shadows feel really smooth and creamy and not chalky at all.

I can’t wait to play around with this palette! I think it’s totally worth the retail cost and would DEFINITELY be worth the cost of a monthly BoxyCharm box subscription – it pays for itself TWICE with this one!

BoxyCharm Beauty Box Unboxing & Review (5)

Be a Bombshell Lipgloss in Vixen – Full Size – Retails for $14

I have a few Be a Bombshell lipsticks and have always liked them, but had never tried their lipglosses. I love the color of this gloss. It’s beautiful. I think the price point is right on, maybe a little steep, but again, you’re paying for the subscription and not the retail cost.

I will say that the actual color payoff is not what it looks like in the bottle. It’s very much a sheer, VERY sheer gloss… I don’t hate it… it’s actually really beautiful, but you’re definitely not going to get the bold red color that you see in the bottle.

BoxyCharm Beauty Box Unboxing & Review (4)

Eyelashi Mink Lashes – Full Size – Retails for $29

I have always loved fake eyelashes in theory, but was always terrible at applying them. However, I’ve been getting back into putting fake eyelashes on for special occasions (holidays, parties, date night). These are certainly bold lashes and would need to be trimmed.

I also will say that I’m not 100% comfortable with the fact that they are real mink. The description of the lashes says that the fur is collected cruelty free, but I still feel a little weird about it.

Honestly, I will have to do a little more research before I can say a definitive “YES” or “NO” as to what I think about these lashes.

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Eva NYC Clean It Up Shampoo – Travel Size – $7-$12

I have never heard of the Eva NYC brand before. I always like being introduced to new brands… I haven’t tried this shampoo yet, but the scent is clean and light (not overpowering) and the ingredients on this shampoo don’t make me cringe (no parabens! yay!). I’ll definitely give it a try.

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Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush – Full Size – $19.99

always have room for more makeup brushes. I love makeup brushes and I love trying new ones, so I was excited to see this one. This is a ULTRA-SOFT, and when I say ultra-soft, I MEAN ultra-soft synthetic hair bristles makeup brush. It feels like silk. It’s awesome. I like that you can adjust the retractable portion of the brush to get a different effect with it.

For example, if you fully retract it, it’s a light fluffy brush for applying powder or blush… but if you retract it up some, it the bristles are more concentrated which is good for highlight or bronzer.

I think this is a GREAT brush and a great addition to the box!

Overall I thought…

I am totally won over by BoxyCharm just from this first sample box. I am DEFINITELY going to be signing up for a regular subscription because, well, it’s the jam. I mean, FOUR to FIVE full sized products for $21 a month? That is a seriously awesome deal.

What about you? Are you a beauty box subscription fan? Have you tried BoxyCharm? Will you?

*I received this Jingle Belles box from BoxyCharm as a sample in exchange for my honest review through the BrandBacker program. No other compensation was provided. I honestly fell in love with it and will be subscribing (with my own money!) from now on! I love it that much!