Augusta Sportswear Review & Giveaway (5)


  1. I started doing yoga again and have been having tons of dance parties to get me going in the mornings 🙂 And when the snow melts, I’ll be back on my bike!!

  2. I’m getting back into a three times a week yoga routine, planning a Fitbit charge purchase, and looking to find a way to up my cardio.

  3. I bought a fitbit to help me realize how much I don’t move and to encourage more walking! I can’t believe I even thought I came close to 10,000 steps daily!

  4. This is an AWESOME giveaway! Just like you Molly I’m doing things little by little to improve my overall health and get back into shape in 2015.

  5. Great giveaway! I am definitely in need of getting healthy. I had my son almost 16 months ago and have yet to lose all my weight. On top of that before I was pregnant I wanted to lose weight too so I have a long way to go. I am trying to schedule my workouts at the beginning of each week so I make sure and go at least 3 times a week. I am also working on eating clean… any easy recipes will help!

  6. Great for you! I have finally figured out that its much better to feel good and live a healthy lifestyle more than a number on the scale. I too love to workout in baggy clothes but since I have lost 20 pounds it would be nice to look cute every now and then. Thank you for the preview and the give away!

  7. Those work out clothes look awesome! And I’m totally bummed that I keep forgetting about all these fun meet ups! Next time, I’m there for sure!

  8. You are not alone…I, too, have to have cute workout clothes. I feel your struggle about working out. I love doing it, but once I break that pattern…*ugh* it is so hard to get back into the groove. I’ve been struggling with that the last couple of weeks. I am bound and determine to make 2015 healthier though. I’ve gotten into juicing, eating cleaner (for the most part), and will get back into the working out. Great post!

  9. Oh my gosh I could use this stuff!! I’m reeeally trying to walk more, and (obviously) use my essential oils every day!

  10. I have purchased a Jawbone and will actively be trying to meet/exceed my step count goal daily. Also, one of my goals this year is to complete a 5k!

  11. I’m getting the WHOLE FAMILY active in 2015! We joined the Y, signed the kidlet up for swim lessons, and I’m already oriented to the fitness center. Ready to pump it up!

  12. I will get active in 2015 by adding some new workout routines. I will be starting Les Mills Pump and Insanity Max 30 after my church fast is over, and I’ll continue to include PiYo in the mix!

  13. My goal for 2015 is to make fitness more of a lifestyle than task or something off a checklist. It’s hard work and I’m hoping this is the year, I’ll get into the mindset!

  14. One of my goals for the year is to get back into shape as well. I loved running but I kept getting injured. I’ve been doing spin, Zumba, and Pilaties and its starting to work!! You should give them a try. 🙂 I would love to win that work out gear as well!! Its hard to find cute workout clothes that hold in my big booty! 😉

  15. So far in 2015, I’ve done a good job of getting back into a regular fitness routine – 3 days of strength training and 2 or 3 days of cardio a week! I just want to keep it going!

  16. I’m going to start running again. I took the last year off to get adjusted to my new married life with 3 stepdaughters, but it is time to start focusing on me again!

  17. My goals in 2015 is to finally lose that extra 20 pounds that crept up on me! I’ve been killing it on the elliptical since January 1st and I can’t wait until the weather warms up so I can start running again. Cute clothes would totally help!

  18. I’m active by doing zumba twice a week and a core class once a week – I’m obsessed with classes! On a side note…any blog post with a Step Brothers reference is a good blog post.

  19. A friend of mine just started teaching Yoga, I’m wanting to join… but first I’ll need some new clothes 🙂

  20. I am getting back to Jazzercise and you are right. Without the right clothes I feel like I am not all there. Good for you for getting back to it! I think you look awesome!

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