The Earrings That Will Change Your Life | Nickel and Suede Earrings Review (1)


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  20. I absolutely adore those earrings every single time you wear them – they sound perfect for what I like in an earring as well! I love the look of big earrings, but I HATE how heavy and clunky they feel…and I get earring-claustrophobia where I all of a sudden feel like I need to rip them out of my ears. I bet these earrings would take care of that problem!! Thank you so much for sharing more about these earrings 🙂

  21. I started blog stalking you and Kilee last fall (found you on Pinterest) and you guys are my absolute favorite bloggers – I check out your blogs every morning before I get up :). You both seem down-to- earth, kind and GENUINELY REAL (not to mention I love your styles)! I NEVER wear earring because I am deep in the throws of raising two little ones, but I almost bit the bullet during the holiday sale – now I regret not buying a pair (or two) after reading your post! Guess I’ll head over there now!

  22. I’m intrigued, and heading over to Nickel & Suede, now. But what I really want to know is… exactly how many pairs of these earrings do you own?

  23. Love all the looks, especially the plaid ones.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    Instagram: stylishlyinlove
    Twitter: stylishlyinlove

  24. Geez, could you be any prettier?! Ha! I don’t wear earrings that much but this is not the first time I’ve heard about Nickel and Suede. The owner lives in my city although I’ve never met her. Maybe I will give them a shot some time and get out of my comfort zone.

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  26. Your earrings was the first thing that caught my eye. I really like the blue and sparkly ones! Need to check their site out asap.

  27. You rock those earrings! I have debated whether or not I could pull them off…and then when I have looked I just can’t seem to make a decision on color. I will have to try again. You have great style Molly!

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  29. Molly your enthusiasm for these earrings is sooooo lovely – and I can see why, there’s something about the simple shape and size that’s so flattering. And in so many colours!! Just had a quick look at their website… *that* is so beautifully designed as well! You’ve definitely tempted me, you look so pretty in them 🙂

    Thanks for hosting my sweet, have a great week!!

    Catherine x

  30. I could have written this post Molly! I am in love with her earrings too! I have the cobalt and the black/gold stripe. There are several pairs on my wish list for spring too!! When you find something you love, buy it in every shade!! And your skin is looking amazing!! Susan

  31. I love the earrings Molly! I used to have a similar pair in just plain gold–from Target of all places. But, unfortunately they got all scratched up and I had to toss. In come these beauties! I will definitely be checking out Nickel and Suede.

    And! I am so excited to have found you. I just tried my first link up. So now, I just add that I linked up at the bottom of my post. Easy! Thank you! I got the tip from Catherine of Not Dressed As Lamb.

    It’s nice to (virtually) meet you Molly! You’re a cutie! 😀


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  32. Your obsession is so sweet! They are indeed lovely earrings. If you find something you love, get it in different colours, that’s what I say! Thanks for hosting x

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