Nine Ways to Wear Red Jeans

January 27, 2015·

When I am shopping or trying on an item that is a potential addition to my closet, I ALWAYS think of AT LEAST three ways to wear the item before I take the plunge. Unless the item is something for a specific occasion (like a special occasion dress), if I can’t immediately think of three ways to wear it, I don’t buy it. No ifs ands or butts. I don’t buy it.

So, when I do add something to my closet, I love coming up with as many ways as possible to wear that item… And since this is a life and style blog, one of the things I love doing most on this blog is sharing ways with YOU guys on how to wear or style a particular article of clothing.

I have done posts like this in the past, but I want to get back into regularly sharing with you “Ways to Wear” a specific item. Maybe it’s a denim vest, a basic dress, or a printed top… I want you to be able to glean some kind of inspiration so that if you have a similar item in YOUR closet, you might be able to find a new or different way to wear it!

Y’all know I am ALL about remixing what you already have… so this is just another way to look at it. Or something. 🙂

For today’s Ways to Wear post, I’m showing y’all NINE different ways to wear RED jeans. You guys KNOW how much I love my red jeans. I wear them all the time. This is certainly not an end-all-be-all list… it’s just a few new ideas for you.

My red jeans I got from a Stitch Fix fix over the summer. They are Kensie brand. At the end of this post, I will have some options for you for where to grab a pair for yourself!

Nine Ways to Wear Red Jeans

1. With a comfy sweater and printed flats

Andrew Marc Faux Fur Hood Coat, Red Jeans, Leopard Print Loafers, Aztec Sweater (1)

2. With a printed blouse, denim jacket, and cozy scarf.

Winter / Fall style | red jeans, black and white graphic blouse, denim jacket | North Carolina Fashion Blogger (1)

3. With a graphic tee and faux leather moto jacket.

Winter / Fall style | red jeans, TOMS for target tee, leather jacket, gold bag, Nickel and Suede earrings | North Carolina Fashion Blogger

4. With a flowy cardigan and bold accessories.

Winter / Fall style | red jeans, blue bag, Root Collective ballet flats, blue and red aztec cardigan, Nickel and Suede earrings | North Carolina Fashion Blogger (1)

5. With a blazer and heels for a dressed up style.

Belk Schoolboy Blazer, Red Jeans, Cobalt Heels | Preppy Fall Fashion (1)


6. With a peplum tank for an easy look


Oak Island Vacation 2014 (22)

7. With a kimono and tee for contrasting patterns

Red jeans from Stitch Fix, Daisy floral kimono from Stitch Fix, black and white striped tee (1)

8. With a flowy blouse, layered necklaces, and heels for a date night look

RENEE C “TUCKER MIXED PRINT SPLIT-BACK TANK”, Red Kensie Jeans, Blue C. Wonder Heels (1)

9. With a neutral top and glittery shoes for a year-round outfit

Gold and red sparkle (1)

Here are a few different options for snagging yourself a pair of red jeans (ranging in price!):

What about you? Do you own a pair of red jeans or red pants? How do you like to wear them? Which way was your favorite?