denim, boots, leather jacket, yellow bag, scarf print sweater (1)


  1. Do something fun for sure! I always would get stuck doing things around the house to catch up….it will all still be there when she gets back so enjoy doing something you cannot typically do when she is with you guys and reconnect!

  2. I laughed about the Old School reference! We’ve been known to say that line a time or two in our house. 🙂 I am a mom of three (ages 9, 7, & 3.) In the early years, I just remember missing & worrying about the kids so much that I probably didn’t enjoy the (few and far-between) outings like I should have. Nowadays, we high-tail it out of there and just enjoy each other and the QUIET. Even a movie theater or crowded restaurant feels like much-needed rest and relaxation. By the end we’re rejuvenated and missing them again! 🙂

  3. Yay for adult time! 🙂 The first week-end we had without our oldest I think I cried and missed him and talked endlessly about him until I could go pick him up 🙂 Love the jacket and the bag…

  4. I hope you have a great weekend!! Good for you all! I love the sweater and moto jacket. You are looking especially lovely(: And I got the quote from the Will Ferrell movie – did you mean to do that? 😉 It made me smile(: Susan

  5. have you seen the z-quil commercial? parents send kids off with grandparents for the weekend and then z-quil that night and snooze like teenagers. we end up sleeping less without the kids-so much we want to do alone. and having people over and being able to talk in normal voices? yes.

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