basic gray dress, tights, boots, leather jacket, blanket scarf (1)


  1. Can we get a tutorial on how to fold that scarf.. This mama needs some help!! 😉 I bought that scarf and stare at mindlessly wanting it to fold itself..

  2. You’re quite right – a basic dress can often be the workhorse of the wardrobe, as you can style it so many different ways. I used to always go for quite complicated and fancy dresses but you can’t rewear them as often or make them work for so many situations. Love that you’re wearing a pair of those earrings again that you’ve got in about ten colours!! Thanks for hosting x

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  5. I love simple classic dresses. You can style them so many ways! This looks great with your jacket – which I can’t believe is Target!! Great score! Thanks for hosting the link up. It is one of my favorites! Susan

  6. Molly I’m all for simple basics in my wardrobe… some of my best buys have been basics that have lasted years! Sometimes I buy something thinking I might only wear it a couple of times but then it turns out to be really versatile (ever get that)?

    Plus I know said it last week but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that scarf!!

    The colours are soooo pretty and it works so well with your dress/boots/jacket combo. You always brighten my Monday mornings, hun. Thanks for hosting 🙂

    Catherine x

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