1. Such beautiful pictures! I have been following your blog for a while now. I just started my own blog, like literally, this week, and it makes me look at all my favorite blogs in a new light. I’m always googling “How do you do_____ on a blog.” Anyways, thanks for the inspirations, this was a great post as usual!

  2. Molly, thank you so much for these pictures. I just started to follow you..and so glad I am. My son and his family live in Maryland and we live in Michigan

  3. She is adorable. Her “poses” at the beginning of this post look just like you with your outfit of the day! Too funny!

  4. I love seeing the pictures and updates about her; it takes me back to when mine were little! Also, it’s wonderful that you have all of this documented for her and yourself as she gets older and these memories fade. Those pictures in the snow are simply wonderful!

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