7×7 Challenge Recap | #MaNouvelleMolly7x7

February 20, 2015·

Last week my friend Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode and I hosted our first ever 7×7 challenge! We called it (cleverly…) the #MaNouvelleMolly7x7. Haha! The challenge was to pick seven items from your closet and create seven outfits with those items for seven days. Accessories, outerwear, and shoes did not count. Especially this time of year when it’s SO COLD.

We had so many fun people participate and we had a blast looking at everyone’s outfits!! I hope that for those of you who participated that you had fun, too!

7x7 Remix Challenge

I wanted to recap my outfits from the week and share my thoughts on the challenge. (My 7 items are pictured in the top photo).

Outfit One: 

Outfit Two:

Outfit Three:

Outfit Four:

Outfit Five:

Outfit Six:

Outfit Seven:So, if I were to do this challenge again, I would definitely pick THREE bottoms instead of just two. I sort of pigeonholed myself there with only having two bottoms to rotate in and out of. Overall, I loved my outfits but I was definitely struggling down the stretch… haha!

What about you? Have you done a challenge like this? 

Also! We have a WINNER of the challenge! We randomly selected a partipant (via Random.org) and @gracenote30 is our winner of a $50 gift card! YEAHHH!

Happy Friday!