still being molly at the Southern Women's Show


  1. That is so exciting! Looking forward to attending the TriFabb meetup on Thursday! Xo, Stephanie

  2. Sounds so exciting. Wish I lived closer. Can you tell me where your scarf is from in this picture please. Thank you!

  3. Me and my daughters are super excited to see Randy! Also a tip about the tickets, you can leave them at the will call window at the show for the winners so you don’t have to deal with mailing them and risk them getting lost. Looking forward to seeing you at the show as well!

  4. I hope to bring my daughter on Sunday for Mother daughter day and we are excited to see the fashion show and the Frozen characters!

  5. I am most excited to see YOUR show!!! I know, I know, you think I am just saying that because I am on your blog. But honestly, I am 35 years old, a working mom, and I am SO TIRED of wearing the same jeans/shirt combo I have been wearing pretty much every day for my whole adult life! I haven’t the slightest idea about fashion (except how to dress “old”) and I am so ready to dress YOUNG and in something that will show my personality! I am ready to shine!!! SO I look forward to your show to get some much needed help!!

  6. I’m so glad I can come to Thursday night preview since I’ll be out of town that weekend. I can’t wait!

  7. How exciting Molly…what great news! I wish I could be there, but I will be out of town 🙁 LOVE the southern women’s show!

  8. How awesome!! I wish I lived closer I would come and see you! They picked the right girl for sure, you’re going to do an awesome job!

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