Sometimes, You Just Need the Drive Through

May 22, 2015·

You guys know about the journey I’ve been on for the last year or so… the journey to eat better, lose weight, rid my home and life of toxins, and just find a way to live an overall healthier life.

There are days when I feel like I do AWESOME at this. I get a good workout in, I make a fresh, healthy meal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner… and I just feel like super woman. You know those days, right?

But then there are the other days. The days when I have 17 errands to run, this and that to do, a screaming toddler in my back seat, and I feel like if I don’t eat something in the next 15 minutes I may actually fade away into oblivion. Or something.

And honestly, those are the days where the THOUGHT of driving home, unloading the car, unloading the screaming, hungry toddler, and then preparing a healthy lunch for me AND the screaming toddler literally raises my blood pressure.

There are days when you just need… the drive through.

In the past, I would hit up that drive through and order me a big ol’ cheeseburger and fries. With a Diet Coke, of course… and sure, while eating that once in a blue moon isn’t going to kill me or make me instantly gain back all the weight I’ve lost… the fact is that it can be easy to slip back into bad habits on those days.

You know what I mean?

Anyway, so, on days like those, I’ve been really searching for healthier options… from the drive through. One of my absolute new FAVORITE options has been Wendy’s new Core Salads.wendys-core-salads

You guys, THEY ARE DELICIOUS. They’re so good! There are a few new options – the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad, the Asian Cashew Chicken Salad, and the Apple Pecan Chicken Salad.


A few things I love about them:

  • They come in FULL and HALF sizes! And honestly, the half size is PERFECT for me. It’s just enough food to fill me up, but not stuff me. And you’re looking at half the calories, fat, and sodium. They’re all under 400 calories (if you get the half size!)
  • They’re made FRESH, in house. And no, not “freshly assembled” – as in, they buy frozen lettuce and vegetables and assemble them in front of you… Nope. Not that. They cut the lettuce and the vegetables right there in house… never frozen! You can watch their “romaine lettuce journey” here.
  • They’re quick and easy! I can grab one and go and have something healthier to eat when I’m in a rush.

So sure, while it’s not a Whole 30, gluten free, organic meal at home… it’s a quick, DELICIOUS(!!), and healthy option for those days when you are looking for something… fast!

What about you? What do you do on days when you just need food… fast? What are your favorite go-tos? Have you tried new Wendy’s core salads?

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