What Today Means

May 25, 2015·

I struggle every year with what to write on this day. And, so often, I feel like I’m saying the same thing over and over again and I fear repeating myself.

But then I really think about it and I realize… it can’t be said enough.

Today is Memorial Day in the United States (I do have some international readers… so I like to preface that…) and I just want us all to remember what Memorial Day is really about.

Memorial Day is not about a day off of work. It’s not about a three day weekend. It’s not about a trip to the beach. It’s not about cookouts or firing up the grill. It’s not about the pool opening. It’s not an excuse to party. It’s not a reason to be lazy. Yes, it’s a holiday, but it’s one we should really think about what it represents.

It represents the men and women who gave their lives in service to this country. It’s about the men and women who lost their life as a result of their sacrifice and their service for this country and its freedom. And it’s not just about the men and women who so bravely fought in battle or lost their lives in war… it’s about the hundreds of thousands of those who have died since the war or since their time in service.

My mom died this way. She served in Vietnam and she died because of her service to our country. She just happened to die 30 years after she served. And she’s one of many. Yet, and maybe because I’m biased, I feel like those men and women are all too often forgotten.

I am not, BY ANY MEANS, downplaying the sacrifice and the deaths of all of those who died in battle. I just don’t want us to forget the veterans who have died since their time in service, but because of their time in service. Some veterans are still battling their time in service.

They battle everything from depression, to cancer, PTSD, diseases that don’t even have names, and so much more.

I just don’t want us to forget about them. Let’s not forget about them.

So, in the midst of your cookouts (I’m enjoying one today, too!), in the midst of your three day weekend, in the midst of our time off… let’s just take a moment to thank those who have gone before and given so much during and after their service.


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