Easy DIY Non-Toxic Dish Soap

May 26, 2015·

I never used to be a huge DIY person. However, as we’ve started, bit by bit, switching out products in our home from ones with lots of chemicals to ones that are more natural and have safe stuff, it’s become a lot of fun to try out different “recipes” for things.

I’ve already done my own laundry detergent and another thing I really wanted to tackle was dish soap in the kitchen! I knew making my own couldn’t be THAT difficult and I knew that once I found a recipe I liked, it would be so easy to whip up. Plus, I knew it could save us money!

So, after a few tweaks, I’ve settled on this one (for now) for some easy DIY dish soap!

Easy DIY Dish Soap using Essential Oils



Easy DIY Dish Soap using Essential Oils


Add the castile soap, vegetable glycerin, Citrus Fresh, Thieves Household Cleaner, and salt to your container. Mix it up (SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!) then fill the rest with water. Pop the dispenser on your mason jar and boom! You’re set to go!

I use this soap for cleaning dishes AND washing hands in the kitchen. It works great for both.


Because this soap does not have sodium lauryl sulfate in it, it is not going to be as “sudsy.” The Thieves household cleaner will help the suds, but it’s definitely not going to be like store-bought soap that you are used to. Also, because the base is castile soap and water, it’s going to be much runnier and thinner than regular soap. This DOES NOT mean that it’s not working… it just means that it doesn’t have a lot of the nasty chemicals in it that other soaps do…

We’ve been using this soap recipe for months and we love it! You will use a little more because it’s runnier, but honestly, one batch lasts me AT LEAST a month *probably longer* and the cost per batch is significantly lower than what I used to spend at the store!

Also, this is dish SOAP and not dish detergent… so do NOT use this in your dishwasher!

Now what about you? Have you tried to make your own cleaning products at all? Any DIY recipes you’ve tried lately that I should check out?

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