Elegantees Chelsea tee, Shabby Apple Kissed with Gold Skirt, Alex and Ani bracelets, Nickel and Suede gold earrings, Wristology Watch, Kendra Scott Jewelry | North Carolina Fashion Blogger (1)


  1. I can literally not think of a place where that skirt would not be entirely suitable. A princess is as a princess does and no one would question Kate or Di or our Tasmanian Danish princess Mary being at the shops or in a yoga class with that skirt on, so no one can question you either. Gorgeous. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  2. Beautiful! I love that skirt. Plus, I love how you wore it and let it be the stand out piece. May I add that I am quite familiar with the place in the photos too. 🙂

  3. You look gorgeous! I love the skirt and you should totally go grocery shopping like that 😉
    Yes, I understand the way you feel, I have had my moments where I put a certain item on and I feel like Cinderella!

  4. Ooh that skirt DOES look like a party–I’d want to wear it all the time too. I love the bold color and the full shape. My closet is lacking a party skirt, I need to change that!!

  5. What a beautiful skirt! I love it paired with all black. Thanks for hosting the linkup!

  6. That skirt is absolutely gorgeous! I would want to wear it every day too! 🙂 ~Ree

  7. Molly this skirt is stunning! I love it paired with the black top! Gorgeous! I am wearing my Nickel and Suede today too(: Susan

  8. Every girl needs a party skirt!! I have one very similar, but it’s a pale pink with silver metallic swirls. I love it and wear it not just to parties… Thanks for hosting x

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