Southern Women's Show - Raleigh Recap | #trifabb #trifabbsws (61)


  1. The good ol’ days are definitely something I think about regularly. I miss those carefree days and wish that children could still enjoy similar moments like we did, the world has definitely changed. Xo, Stephanie

  2. I think about the good ole days often, too! I actually wrote a somewhat similar post today, venting on today’s dating landscape. I spent nearly all of my childhood outside. My brother and sister are a lot younger than me and they do everything electronically. It blows my mind. My 2 year old cousin was using his iPad the other day to play games. I was thinking “send him outside!” He’s only 2!

  3. I miss the good ole days every once in a while. The world I grew up in is much different than the world that my son is growing up in. I think I am in a little bit of denial about that haha! I think that needs to change so I can help my son learn right from wrong in the current surroundings. Great post!

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