Sweet Memories (Literally)

July 16, 2015·

I don’t have a superb memory. I remember things here and there, but my memories have faded a lot over the years. I have friends who can remember every little last detail about their lives from childhood ’til now… I am not one of those people.

But, I remember the important stuff. As a kid, I remember going to get breakfast with my dad before school. Or watching Saturday morning cartoons with my parents on the couch. And I remember the times where my parents would take me for ice cream, or a donut, or a special treat… and I loved those times. I love those memories. I look back on them and smile and cherish them.

I love that I’m now able to make those same memories with my little family – with John and Lilly.

Every so often, we’ll get up on a Saturday morning and head to our favorite donut shop – Krispy Kreme – to get a delicious hot now donut. When that “hot now” sign is on… ALL BETS ARE OFF, people.
Krispy Kreme (2)

This past weekend, we headed there as a family because Krispy Kreme happens to be celebrating their 78th birthday! And, a birthday celebration wouldn’t be complete without special birthday donuts! They introduced two special donuts for the occasion… a birthday cake batter donut (uhm, yes please!) and a brownie batter donut (delish). They also introduced a delicious birthday cake chiller – like a yummy birthday cake frozen drink! Mmmm. Mmmmm. Mmmm.

Krispy Kreme (3)

Since we were there, we figured we’d pick up a dozen. You know, for friends and family. 🙂

Lilly LOVED watching the donuts get made. Her eyes were so big and she just kept smiling and saying, “A DONUT!! A DONUT!!”
Krispy Kreme (9) Krispy Kreme (8)

And, of course, we had to have a treat while we were there.

BTW: Yes, I am fully aware that donuts do not fit into any sort of fitness plan or weight loss plan… annnnd they’re #notorganic, but oh. so. delicious and oh. so. worth it. It’s all about moderation! Plus, life is TOO SHORT to not enjoy some Krispy Kreme every now and again. Am I right?!
Krispy Kreme (4)

Lilly was a HUGE fan of her donut. The birthday cake batter donut? AH-MAZING. So good. Lilly may have been bouncing off the walls from the sugar rush the rest of the morning… but it was such a fun treat and I loved making these memories with my family. Krispy Kreme (7) Krispy Kreme (5)

The birthday celebration is happening at Krispy Kreme locations now through August 30th!Krispy Kreme (6)

What about you? What kinds of memories do you have as a kid? Do you have sweet treat memories? Are you a Krispy Kreme fan like me?? 

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