1. So happy for your new edition. I take a spin class at my local Y and back in January we noticed a young woman (who was pregnant and about 12 weeks along) working in with a personal trainer on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She worked out with him right up until she delivered the baby in mid July.
    She cam to the gym for the first time yesterday and she already looks great! She said that her delivery was much easier than she expected and the OB told her it was because of her training during her pregnancy.

    You will love the benefits of working out while you are pregnant and will defintely be ahead of the curve after this little one arrives!

    Keep us posted on your progress and can’t wait for fitness fridays!

  2. yay!! Wanted to comment on your facebook page yesterday itself, but could not. Congratulations to all of you! You know why am extra happy?!? Cause I am pregnant too, due in early February 2016. I would always read your blogs, esp the maternity fashion and pregnancy updates and am excited we can be pregnant together now.

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