Treat Yo’self

September 3, 2015·

There are very few women on this earth that I’ve met that don’t love Target. Raise your hand if Target is your happy place… *raises hand*

Yup. I thought so.

I’m not ashamed in any sense of the word to admit that Target is often my go-to place when I’m just trying to kill time or I want to get away… haha!! There’s something magical about just walking around Target for 20 minutes… perusing. You know. 

And then, of course, there are the Target trips where I’m headed there to get #ALLTHETHINGS. Groceries, baby stuff, household supplies, dog food, etc. etc. etc. and it’s a trip where you DEFINITELY don’t walk out spending less than $100.

On those trips, there are times when you just gotta get a little something FUN – a treat, if you will. For me? Picking up a new nail polish color and a fashion magazine does the trick. For my husband and daughter? They. Love. Ice. Cream… especially popsicles. treat-yoself-2

Admittedly, we don’t really ever have sweets in the house – too tempting for me! haha! And since we’ve been on such a journey to eating healthier, we rarely get sweet treats… BUT, that doesn’t mean we NEVER get a little treat. 🙂

Well, it just so happens that our FAVORITE treats are buy THREE get one FREE right now! And, well, since it’s still a BAJILLION degrees in North Carolina (oh hai, September!), I figured, we HAD to partake!

So, I picked up a little something for me (new nail polish to prep for our cruise!!), a magazine to read while lounging by the beach, and some Fruttare popsicles for the family – because these things are DELICIOUS.

No. Joke.


Target in-store offer: Buy 3, Get 1 Free (8/9/15 – 9/5/15) | Offer not available in California, Nevada, Louisiana, and Colorado.

What about you? What do you like to pick up when you want to treat yo’self?? 

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