16 Week Bumpdate

September 6, 2015·
  • How far along: 16 Weeks
  • How big is baby: An avocado
  • Weight gain: Actually LOST weight this week.. I was down 3.5 pounds from my last weigh in. Don’t worry, I’m not in any danger and that weight loss is totally normal and healthy.
  • Sleeping: I actually slept pretty well (for the most part) this week! Praise God for that!!
  • Food cravings: This week has been SUPER tough because John and I decided to do a very modified Daniel Fast in preparation for our cruise – you know, since on a cruise you eat ALL the things. We cut out all sugar, pretty much all carbs, etc. And, of course, all I want is carbs right now… sooooo… needless to say, my cravings were all over the place. I ate a TON of fruit and a LOT of eggs this week to help tide me over! Oh, and healthy muffins. 🙂
  • Food aversions: Cold food. I want hot food. …except fruit. 🙂
  • Symptoms: Tired. Nausea is improving… 
  • Doctor’s appointment: I go back in the middle of September.
  • Movement: None yet.
  • Best moment of the week: Going on our CRUISE! (Which we are currently on!)
  • What I did / Got for baby: Nothing yet.
  • Prayer requests: Prayers for safe travels home from our cruise and that my nausea is gone for good… or at least on its way OUT.