Striped maxi dress, black fringe bag - Maternity / Pregnancy Style (1)


  1. You look stunning! That dress is gorgeous and so are you. I adore your bag as well!! I’ve been looking for a fun fringe bag that is also useful day-to-day.

    Planning date nights can get trickier but 3 kids later for us and it’s a definite priority! So nice to get away and have a true conversation! So glad you were able to have an enjoyable night away.



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  3. OMG.. I can’t wait to see more of your fashion post, you sure do know how to dress a baby bump! Me and my husband you kind of have to schedule some date nights. It just doesn’t happen so freely as it use to. Plus, its important to go out and celebrate being a couple once in a while!

  4. That dress is beautiful on you! So flattering! I can only imagine how hard it would be to get date nights in with kids; I feel like its difficult enough already and I just recently got married! But that is a wonderful thing to be intentional about!

  5. You look gorgeous in this dress! Yes, date night can be challenging if you don’t have the ability to have a sitter (and when the kiddos are really young). Now that our nuggets are almost 7 (can’t believe it!) it’s a lot easier. We have a few sitters to choose from that I really trust. Hope you guys had a wonderful evening!


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