DIY Makeup Setting Spray

September 15, 2015·

I LOVE a good makeup setting spray. At one point, I probably had four or five different types of makeup setting spray. It’s like hair spray… but for your face and makeup… haha! However, once I started really paying attention to the ingredients in my beauty products, I didn’t love what I was finding!

Here are the ingredients in a popular name-brand makeup setting spray:

Aqua (Water/Eau), Alcohol Denat, Polyhydroxystearic Acid, PVP, Methyl Perfluorobutyl Ether, Methyl Perflouroisobutyl Ether, Dimethicone PEG-7 Phosphate, PPG-3 Benzyl Ether Myristate, Caprylyl Gylcol, Menthyl Methacrylate Cross Polymer, Poloxamer 407, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Cocamidopropyl PG Dimonium Chloride Phosphate, Glycereth-5 Lactate, N,2,3-Trimethyl-2-Isopropyl Butamide, Ethylhexyl Isononanoate, Isononyl Isononanoate, Fragrance, Aloe Barbandensis Leaf Extract.

YIKES. That’s a whole lot of stuff that I can’t pronounce and a whole lot of stuff that I don’t want absorbing into my skin all day. Who’s with me? Look up these ingredients on… many of them are listed as “High Hazard” – meaning they’re very toxic.

So, anyway, I set out to do some research because I figured there HAS to be a better way and a version that isn’t full of a lot of chemicals. When I came across a lot of natural ingredients that did a lot of the same things those chemicals did, I realized I could very easily make my own.

Plus, the ingredients I chose are all ingredients that are EXTREMELY supportive of healthy skin. So, not only am I helping to keep my makeup on all day, but also I’m cleansing and supporting my skin at the same time. WIN! WIN! WIN!

So far, I am a HUGE fan of this recipe and a HUGE fan of this spray. It works so well and smells AMAZING. This is also a great “mid-day refresher” spray for when your skin needs a little wake up!

I hope you give this recipe a try!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray

DIY Makeup Setting Spray (1)



To be honest, I completely eyeballed this whole recipe, but here’s what you really want to keep in mind… Fill your spray bottle about 3/4 of the way with Rosewater. Then add in about 20 drops of Vegetable Glycerine (or about 1/2-1 teaspoon). Add in 10 drops of Elemi essential oil (you can substitute Frankincense if you want…) and 5 drops of Lavender essential oil. Then, fill the rest of the bottle with witch hazel. Close the spray bottle and give it a good shake.

When you want to use the setting spray, make sure to keep your eyes closed (you never want to get essential oils in your eyes) and give your face a light mist. Then, lightly pat the spray in!

DIY Makeup Setting Spray (2)

About Elemi* Essential Oil:

Elemi (Canarium luzonicum) has a spicy, incense-like scent that is soft and somewhat balsamic. A member of the same botanical family as frankincense and myrrh, it has been used traditionally in Europe for the skin. Elemi is highly regarded for reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles, skin support, and for soothing muscles after exercise. (*source)

About Lavender* Essential Oil:

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) has a sweet, floral aroma that is soothing and refreshing. Lavender’s aroma is great for relaxing and winding down before bedtime; add to bath or diffuse to create a calming and comforting environment. Lavender essential oil may compliment your favorite shampoos, lotions and skin care products. Because it is the most versatile of all essential oils, no home should be without it. (*source)

Why Rose Water?

Rose water (apart from smelling AMAZING), is also highly regarded for skin! It’s great for refreshing and cleansing skin and is fabulous for ANY skin type – even if your skin is oily, dry, combination, etc.

What about you? Will you give this recipe a try? 

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