Rocksbox Set | Review

September 16, 2015·

I’ve mentioned Rocksbox (**I have a discount code for you guys at the end to try it for a free month!) a few times over the last six months or so – mostly in blog posts where I’m wearing a piece of jewelry from Rocksbox. However, I realized I’ve never done a dedicated post on Rocksbox and shared a review with you guys.

So, I thought I’d change that and share with you guys a little bit about it, what it is, how it works, and what I got in my most recent box.

What is Rocksbox?

Rocksbox would be if Stitch Fix and Netflix had a baby… but with jewelry. If that makes sense.Rocksbox Set Review (2)

How does Rocksbox work?

Rocksbox has a rental fee of $19 a month. However, in that month, you can rent as much jewelry as you want. You get three pieces at a time, and you can swap out your box at any time. If there’s a piece (or three) in your box that you just love so much, you have the option to BUY the piece at a discounted price.

When you first sign up, you fill out a style profile and you can even select pieces and put them on a “wish list.” Your stylist will select pieces for you and send them your way! And, again, if there’s a piece you love in your box, you can purchase it!

My most recent Rocksbox review…

I haven’t loved all the pieces I’ve received. Sometimes I’ve gotten a box and immediately returned it because I didn’t like anything in it. Other boxes have been amazing! There have only been a few times that I’ve purchased an item from the box.

This box was filled with varying gold pieces that coordinate well together.

Rocksbox Set Review (3)

Gorjana – Azra Studs – $38  $30 Insiders’ Price

These are really beautiful earrings… but I don’t need anymore gold studs. I also don’t wear gold studs very often, however, I do love the tiny details on them!

Rocksbox Set Review (4)

Sophie Harper – Pavé Spiral Ring in Gold – $42  $33 Insiders’ Price

I love this ring! I’ve had trouble in past boxes with rings not fitting, and this one is a great size. It looks so fancy and I feel elegant while wearing it! I don’t wear rings all that often, but this one really is beautiful. I won’t be purchasing it, but I’ll definitely wear it a few times before I return the rental.

Rocksbox Set Review (5)

Kendra Scott – Andrea Necklace in Iridescent White Opaque Glass – $95  $76 Insiders’ Price

This. Necklace. Is. Stunning. I love Kendra Scott pieces and this one does not disappoint. The picture doesn’t do it justice! It’s very princess like. It’s out of my price range (my own personal limit) to purchase, but I will definitely wear it a few times before I return it! It’s too pretty not to be worn and loved. 🙂

Rocksbox Set Review (6)

The info card you receive with your box:Rocksbox Set Review (7)

So there you have it! A Rocksbox review for you!

To sweeten the deal, use the code “stillbeingmollyxoxo” and you’ll receive one month of Rocksbox… FREE!! You can try it out for yourself! It’s really fun. 🙂

*This post is not sponsored by Rocksbox – they don’t even know I’m writing it. I got a complimentary subscription to try it out.