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October 16, 2015·

Fall is in full swing and I’m totally okay with it. I realize it’s incredibly cliche of me to love this season, but it’s true… there’s no better season than fall (at least for me… :)). I recently got the brand new Acorn Fall Box and it was CHOCK FULL of all the fall things! Gifts for me, gifts for Lilly, gifts for my dad – fun for EVERYONE! Check out all of the fun…

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Onyx Coffee

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Okay, so you guys know… I’m not a coffee person. I’ve never been able to get on board with drinking coffee. Strange, because EVERYONE ELSE on my side of the family is a coffee addict. My whole family drinks coffee like it’s going out of style. But, I will say, just the SMELL of this coffee in my house might convert me to be a coffee person. It’s pure heaven.

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I’m gifting this coffee to my dad because I know how much he loves to grind up fresh coffee beans in the morning – it’s kind of his thing. But, I might make him drink it in my presence just so I can smell it. Is that weird?? Haha, might be. But seriously. I know he’s going to LOVE it.

MayDesigns Notebook

(use coupon code “ACORN-20” for 20% off now through the end of October!)

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I have always loved pretty notebooks. There’s something about a pretty notebook that makes me feel inspired to be creative, to write, to jot down thoughts, to stay organized. I don’t know what exactly it is! But… it’s something! This stunning, beautiful, PINK MONOGRAMMED MayDesigns notebook is a new favorite. And it’s the perfect size to toss in your purse or keep on your nightstand for that moment (or two) when you feel inspired.

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I have mentioned before that I keep a gratitude journal – I write down things (big and small) that I’m thankful for. This notebook is going to make a beautiful gratitude journal!

Use code “ACORN-20” for 20% off between now and the end of October! 🙂 

Switch Witches

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(now available at Target stores everywhere!)

We love books in this house. I really think Lilly would be content just sitting and reading all day long. And, personally, I am 100% okay with having bookshelves overflowing with books and a home library that’s constantly growing.

#AcornFallBox (10)When I saw this Switch Witches gift set in the Acorn fall box, I was SO excited to open it and share it with Lilly. I mean, an adorable picture book PLUS a stuffed witch to go along with it.

All The Fall Things | #AcornFallBox

Basically, Switch Witches is a story about how these witches use candy to fuel the witch world. So, on Halloween night, they swap out children’s candy for a toy or a storybook! Because, I mean let’s be honest… I love candy as much as the next guy… BUT, what an awesome thing for kids to learn about healthy (and FUN!!) alternatives to candy on Halloween. PLUS, think about the special little ones with severe allergies. And, the emphasis is on how the Switch Witch will only come if you’ve been good. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Love it!

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Two of my best friends have kiddos with food allergies. One of my friends has two daughters with a severe (like, deadly) peanut allergy – even TRACES of peanut are deadly. My other friend has a daughter with an allergy to red dye and cherry extract – which, in case you were wondering… is basically in ALL THE THINGS. So, on Halloween, their kiddos don’t get to partake in the candy fun. What a fun thing to talk about – switching out candy for something like a book! How awesome is that???

Switch Witches is now available at Target, FYI!! 🙂 

All The Fall Things | #AcornFallBox

Glade Fall Scented Candle

#AcornFallBox (2)I’m pretty sure that there’s a law somewhere that says, “It’s fall, therefore candles must be lit and all things must smell of pumpkin.” Or something. Okay, that’s not a law, but maybe it should be? I could get behind that. Because, fall scents, y’all. Fall scents.

There’s just something about having the windows open on a crisp fall day, the breeze blowing, football on TV, and the smell of fall in the air. Am I right??

Goody Hair Elastics

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If you’re a girl, you know the struggle of finding a good hair tie. You also know that you can never, and I mean never, have too many hair ties. Because, inevitably, you’re going to lose them at some point. I am convinced that when we are sleeping, hair ties grow legs and gather their belongings and walk off into the night to some sort of hair tie paradise. One day, we’re going to find millions of them chilling together laughing because JOKE IS ON US.

Okay, but seriously. The hair tie struggle is #real and I have always been OBSESSED with Goody ones because they don’t pull or snag on my hair. There’s no worse feeling for your head than pulling out a hair tie and losing half your hair because of a bad hair tie.

I LOVE this pack because, I mean, FALL COLORS. Who doesn’t want gold and burgundy in their hair? I mean, COME ON. You win, Goody. You win.

What about you? Which thing are you most excited about trying or checking out? What’s your favorite thing about fall?

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