White Plum Printed Leggings, Stitch Fix maternity tunic, denim vest, Lily Jade diaper bag | Maternity Style (1)


  1. I’m way behind the trend on the whole leggings thing. I only just started wearing them to the gym a few months ago – definitely haven’t been brave enough to incorporate them into the everyday wardrobe.

    But WOW. Those look AMAZING! I need a pair (or three) yesterday. Where have printed leggings been all of my life?!

    Sam | Wonder + Whisk

  2. I don’t think I would be comfortable wearing printed leggings, a textured legging with a solid colored pattern in it is more my style. I do love the rest of your outfit! That top is fabulous!

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  4. Those leggings are so fun–I love the bright colors and pattern paired with the more neutral tunic. I’ve never been much of a leggings-wearer, but maybe I just haven’t found the right pair.

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