Our 2015 Christmas Cards & a $250 Minted.com Giveaway! (7)


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  6. I would get Christmas cards! We just got some cute family photos, and I would pick one of the cards that says “Peace” or “Peace on Earth.”

  7. I would purchase some Foil Stamped Holiday cards, Minted Art…my favorite is the January Garnet Birthstone Art Print, and the Milk Glass Cake Plate!

  8. I love how your cards turned out. I so enjoy getting picture cards from everyone each year. I would get the frosted window panes foil-pressed holiday cards. Thanks so much.

  9. I buy the Winter Botanical Christmas cards for our family and friends, and with what remains I put it towards a foil collage print for my mom and MIL.

  10. Love minted. I would choose the Winter brush holiday card or get a piece of artwork. They have the best pieces ever!

  11. I would use the credit to buy Christmas cards. I have a new baby so I am sending out way more than usual and this would help a ton!

  12. You have some great Christmas card photos! I am sure your family and friends will be glad to see your family Christmas card!

  13. Thanks for this giveaway!! It is so hard to decide which one to get, I love all of them! But I think I would definitely get the “retro worded tree” card.

  14. Ahhh i have never tried minted before but would love to! I love the scripted Christmas design. I am waiting on photos from my photographer and then i am getting on it! Hope I win 😉

  15. I LOVE Minted! I’m really excited to do our Christmas cards this year because we got married – so TONS of pictures to choose from! I’m currently eyeing the “It’s a Wonderful Life” layout! 🙂

  16. I would love to have the Virginia map from Minted. 🙂 Beautiful!! And a ton of cards- gosh their stuff is awesome!

  17. I love Minted! If I won I would use it for save the dates for our wedding! I liked one style and Doug liked another, and then they introduced one that combines elements of both 😀 I’m so happy that Minted offers such great designs, and I was impressed with the paper samples they sent me.

  18. As a business owner it is hard to keep up with clients and know your appreciate them. If I won, I would send a card out to everyone that has supported my bakery and real estate business to let them know how thankful I am of them. Thank you for this super sweet giveaway. I hope I win it. Sincerely, the broke business owner.

  19. I would definitely do my Christmas cards with this gift card! I love the gold foil section and would probably go that route 🙂

  20. Wow, what beautiful designs. I’m loving the foiled selection! We would love to send a card like “Amazing Frame”. We are getting our first family photos done after the arrival of our little one and hope to send them in a nice card like that this year!

  21. I love the snowflake window Christmas cards! They are beautiful and fit our family photos perfectly 🙂

  22. I have been eyeing their heart snapshot mix photo art for a long time. I’d love to fill it with old family photos! Thanks!

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