Mom Hair, Do Care! | Clean Radiance Brush Review

November 21, 2015·

My hair has never been my strong suit. Makeup? Got it. Clothing? Got it. Hair? Not as much. I always seem to struggle with my hair. I mean, I can certainly get by… I’m not hair inept… but my hair is just not my strength, if you will.

And, as my “time to get ready” becomes shorter and shorter, I definitely de-prioritize doing my hair. So, washing, drying, styling, etc. takes a backseat to other things that I know I can do.

BUT, that’s not to say that I want my hair to look all sorts of terrible. Ain’t nobody got time for a rat’s nest up in here. So, a good dry shampoo, my favorite hair ties, and some bobby pins have usually been my go-to to avoid dreaded “mom hair.”


Hear me out…

You guys are fully aware that I would never steer you wrong… I’ve made it a point to ALWAYS share honest, thorough reviews with you guys. When a product comes “across my desk,” per se, I always make sure that I absolutely love it and believe in it before I rave about it… OR, I’ll tell you if I don’t! If a product is a bust, I make it a point to let you know. But when I come across something I love, oh… you best believe I’m gonna tell you!

So, when I got the chance to review the Goody Clean Radiance copper bristle hairbrush, to be honest, I was skeptical. I thought, “Okay, there’s no way a HAIRBRUSH, by itself, can be THAT awesome. I mean, I’m sure it’s fine, but ‘life-changing’ or something of that matter? Nah.” 

I walked into Walmart, headed to the haircare aisle, and bought it without thinking much of it. And then I tried it.

Let. Me. Tell. You.

Goody "Clean Radiance" Copper Bristle Hair Brush Review (1)Meet the Goody “Clean Radiance” hair brush with COPPER bristles.

So, WHY copper bristles*?

  1. Copper bristles reduce natural buildup produced over time.
  2. Less buildup in hair will leave hair looking healthier and more radiant.
  3. Flexible cushion pad for added comfort when brushing.

*disclaimer: results based on consumer usage and perception study

This particular brush is meant to be used on dry hair… and definitely don’t use it while blow drying your hair because, well, those copper bristles are gonna get hot and… YIKES. That would be no good…

But, let’s talk about it in use…

Goody "Clean Radiance" Copper Bristle Hair Brush Review (5)

The FIRST thing I noticed when I used it is how AMAZING this brush feels on your head. I mean, the copper bristles give your scalp a massage and it. feels. so. good. I just want to brush my hair all day long. But that would be weird. And I would get nothing done.

I wasn’t sure that I noticed anything more than that at first… Now, I’ve been using it every day, two to three times a day for about two weeks. Since then, I have started to notice a massive difference in how my hair feels.

Case in point… the photo taken below of me brushing my hair… you can SEE how shiny my hair is! I didn’t even realize it until I was looking at the pictures… And, the kicker? This is day two or three hair! Yet, my hair feels soft and clean and not greasy. Goody "Clean Radiance" Copper Bristle Hair Brush Review (7)

True story – my husband loves to use the brush SOLELY because the bristles feel so good on his head. Hahaha! I mean, obviously his hair is already lustrous and shiny. 🙂 Goody "Clean Radiance" Copper Bristle Hair Brush Review (6)

Okay, in all seriousness, I didn’t think it was possible to fall in love with a brush. But, I’m fairly certain the Clean Radiance brush has proved me wrong.
Goody "Clean Radiance" Copper Bristle Hair Brush Review (4)

What do you think? Have you tried the Goody Clean Radiance brush? Will you? Any other life changing hair products you’ve tried lately?


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